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Crossword Clues for GAD

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Clue Source Date
— about (wander) Thomas Joseph 28 Oct 2020
Roam (about) The Washington Post Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Traipse (about) New York Times 04 Oct 2020
Gallivant (about) Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2020
Josh of "Frozen" LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2020
Josh of 'Frozen' The Washington Post 03 Sep 2020
Wander (with "about") Family Time 27 Apr 2020
Wander (about) Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2020
Wander aimlessly Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2019
Evince antsiness Newsday 10 Aug 2019
___ about (roam) Family Time 19 May 2019
See 10-Down USA Today 08 Apr 2019
Rove (about) Premier Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Knock (about) Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Travel (about) New York Times 05 Oct 2018
Rove (with "about") Universal 04 Sep 2018
Travel aimlessly, with 'about' USA Today 30 Apr 2018
Travel aimlessly New York Times 27 Apr 2018
Word with fly or about The Washington Post 16 Feb 2018
Travel aimlessly, with "about"
Wander about Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2017
Wander The Washington Post 29 Jun 2017
___ about (rove) USA Today 21 May 2017
Rove Premier Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Gallivant Canadiana 24 Oct 2016
Go from pillar to post Universal 07 Aug 2016
___ about (wander) Universal 21 Jul 2016
__ about (wander) Universal 20 May 2016
A son of Jacob? Gosh! The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Mar 2016
Wander about restlessly or idly The Telegraph General Knowledge 07 Feb 2016
Wander idly Newsday 14 Jan 2016
Spur Canadiana 23 Nov 2015
Josh who voiced Olaf in 'Frozen' The Washington Post 16 Nov 2015
"Crikey!" Universal 25 Aug 2015
Peregrinate Eugene Sheffer 07 Jul 2015
Flit (about) New York Times 09 Jun 2015
Roam LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2015
Jacob's seventh son (Old Testament) The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Feb 2015
-- about (wander) Thomas Joseph 13 Jan 2015
Josh who voiced Olaf in "Frozen"
Josh of "The Comedians"
Go hither and yon
"Frozen" actor Josh
Wander aimlessly (about)
Roam aimlessly (with "about")
__ about (rove)
Wander, with "about"
Travel aimlessly (with "about")
Go aimlessly
One of Jacob's 12 sons
Go here and there
Zooks lead-in?
Drift (about)
"Holy cow!"
Go here, there, and everywhere
Go around in a carefree manner
Be footloose
Fly opening?
"How horrifying!"
One of Jacob's sons
Rove, with "about"
Knock around
Move aimlessly
Ramble around
Go a-roving
"My heavens!"
"My word!"
Flit about
"Holy cats!"
Move about restlessly
Table hop
Roam around
-- about (roam)
Cattle motivator
Have no particular place to go
Roam about
Rock-breaking tool
Beginning for zooks
Travel widely
Not stay at home
Start for fly or about
One of the tribes of Israel
Miner's chisel
Type of fly
Ore-loosening chisel
A preceder of about
Seventh son of Jacob
Rove at will
Rove idly
Rove restlessly
Move restlessly about
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.