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Crossword Clues for GATES

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Clue Source Date
Stadium entry points Universal 08 Oct 2020
Billionaire Bill Universal 05 Oct 2020
Entrance barriers The Times Concise 08 Sep 2020
Airport sections USA Today 02 Sep 2020
Airport areas Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2020
Entryways of fences Newsday 28 Jul 2020
'The Moment of Lift' author Melinda USA Today 25 Jun 2020
Flight board column New York Times 16 May 2020
Moveable barriers Irish Times Simplex 30 Apr 2020
Bill with billions LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Microsoft's Bill? The Telegraph Quick 28 Feb 2020
Philanthropist Melinda Universal 17 Nov 2019
Hinged barriers The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2019
Airport boarding areas Newsday 30 Jul 2019
What might be stage entrances? The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Airport departure doors The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Portals Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2019
Bringing up sample of common-sense tagline for those flighty types departing Irish Times Crosaire 16 Feb 2019
Bill of Microsoft USA Today 13 Feb 2019
Boarding areas USA Today 07 Dec 2018
Components of fences The Washington Post 04 Nov 2018
Genealogists dismissing sloe gin in the airport Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jul 2018
Places to deplane USA Today 02 Apr 2018
Arena entrances USA Today 10 Mar 2018
Slalom course features Thomas Joseph 02 Feb 2018
Wealthy Washingtonian
Fence openings Universal 09 Nov 2017
Features of exclusive communities USA Today 18 Sep 2017
Microsoft mogul Newsday 13 Aug 2017
Parts of fences Universal 18 Jul 2017
Those opening 14 and 18 across in the airport Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jun 2017
Posts for some security guards USA Today 10 May 2017
One of the founders of Microsoft Irish Times Simplex 11 Mar 2017
"Business @ the Speed of Thought" co-author LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2017
36-Down areas LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2017
Airport choices Universal 14 Nov 2016
Entryways Premier Sunday 24 Apr 2016
Defense secretary before Panetta LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2016
Slalom obstacles New York Times 29 Dec 2015
Rumsfeld's successor at Defense Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2015
Bill with big bucks Universal 08 May 2015
Airport exits Universal 19 Feb 2015
Microsoft mastermind Eugene Sheffer 30 Jan 2015
Hinged entrances LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2015
Terminal portals
Eponym of the world's largest private foundation
They open for greyhound races
Tech giant
Garden swingers
"Pirates of Silicon Valley" figure
Holes in the wall?
Track lineup
Racetrack array
Bill who co-owns the Four Seasons hotel company
Major PBS contributor
Forbes 400 topper
Airport entryways
Pearly entrance?
"Business @ the Speed of Thought" author
Bush cabinet member
Major NPR supporter
Forbes 400 mainstay
Berkshire Hathaway board member
Passes through a wall?
Microsoft boss Bill
Bill for software?
Bill who dropped out of Harvard in 1975
Entrances to exclusive communities
Microsoft cofounder
Iron entryways
Bill worth billions
Airport components
Mountain passes
Places for guards
Frequent swingers?
Microsoft mogul Bill
Big Seattle philanthropist
He did Windows
McFadden of "Star Trek: TNG"
Recent Microsoft retiree
Departure points
Noted Harvard dropout
Slalom targets
Microsoft man
Microsoft chairman
Passes through a fence?
Christo's Central Park exhibition
February 2005 Central Park display, with "The"
He does Windows
Bill in Washington?
Noted billionaire
Microsoft honcho
Series on a ski slope
2005 Christo display in New York City, with "the"
Bill in the billions
Bill in Washington
Microsoft head
World's richest man, by most accounts
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