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Crossword Clues for GENII

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Clue Source Date
Surprises in bottles The Washington Post 29 May 2020
Bottled spirits LA Times Daily 20 May 2020
Bottled spirits? New York Times 19 Oct 2019
Guiding spirits The Times Concise 09 Dec 2018
Brilliantly smart people Universal 11 Jun 2018
Ones involved in wishful thinking? New York Times 21 Dec 2017
Attendant spirits Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2017
Halves of some master-servant relationships The Washington Post 01 Jun 2017
A bunch of the brightest Canadiana 20 Feb 2017
Spirits and dope used by team The Telegraph Toughie 11 Nov 2016
Powerful lamp contents LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2016
Supernatural benefactors LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2015
Exceptionally smart people Universal 08 Oct 2015
They're brilliant USA Today 04 Aug 2015
Spirits in bottles Premier Sunday 19 Jul 2015
Creative powers in the first verse of the Bible? The Times Cryptic 16 Jul 2015
Extremely smart people USA Today 01 Jun 2015
Spirits that come in bottles LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2015
Those with great brains or wish-granting powers
The smartest among us (var.)
Super smart people
Highly intelligent group
Supernatural lamp occupants
Wish granters
Bottled benefactors
Guardian spirits
Incredibly smart people
Bottle-dwellers of legend
Granters of three wishes
Lamp dwellers
Summoned spirits
Really smart people
Mensa members (Var.)
Rubbed-out spirits
They need rubbing out
Magical beings
Magical being (Var.)
Extremely smart people (Var.)
Wish-granters of myth (Var.)
Roman guardian spirits
Many MENSA members
They're brilliant (Var.)
Brilliant ones
"The Magic Flute" trio
Magicians' magazine since 1936
Contents of lamps, maybe
Some spirits
Wish granters of myth
They may be rubbed out
Contents of special lanterns
Lamp residents
Einstein, Mozart, et al.
Magic wish granters
Guardian spirits, in ancient Rome
Mythical wish granters
They're found in lamps
Big thinkers
They can be rubbed out
Local spirits
Supernatural spirits
Tutelary deities
Tutelary Roman deities
Roman spirits
Supernatural spirits.
Guardian spirits.
Guiding spirits.
Tutelary deities.
Spirits of Mohammedan myth.
Demons or spirits.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.