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Crossword Clues for GLANCE

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Clue Source Date
Quick look Newsday 10 Nov 2020
Hurried look New York Times 30 Sep 2020
Quick check Newsday 05 Sep 2020
Peek The Sun Two Speed 04 Sep 2020
Look good on knight's arm The Sun Two Speed 04 Sep 2020
A quick look Irish Times Simplex 14 May 2020
Look quickly The Telegraph Quick 08 Apr 2020
Look briefly Irish Times Simplex 02 Mar 2020
Brief look The Times Concise 31 Jan 2020
Look good with spear The Sun Two Speed 26 Oct 2019
Quick view Newsday 17 Oct 2019
Quick peek Universal 07 Mar 2019
Take the view briefly in Government this is one of the cuts the doctors are asking for? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Mar 2019
Good weapon -- it has a metallic lustre The Telegraph Toughie 13 Feb 2019
Look good with weapon The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2018
Take a peek (at) The New Yorker 12 Nov 2018
Take a quick look in Government for one of the cuts in the hospital sector Irish Times Crosaire 03 Oct 2018
Take a quick look at golf spike Irish Times Crosaire 25 Aug 2018
Quick inspection The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jun 2018
This look I've fashioned could be evangelic The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2018
Look quickly at German weapon The Guardian Quiptic 08 Jan 2018
Carom Newsday 06 Jul 2017
Look good with jousting weapon The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jun 2017
Cursory look The Washington Post 13 Jan 2017
Briefly scan glossy in which knight appears The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Oct 2016
Bounce (off) Newsday 06 Oct 2016
Take a brief or hurried look Irish Times Simplex 16 Apr 2016
Can leg shot be this? The Telegraph Toughie 15 Mar 2016
Butcher's frozen flanks -- new The Telegraph Toughie 04 Mar 2016
Brief or hurried look The Times Concise 14 Jan 2016
Quick look to see good weapon The Sun Two Speed 15 Dec 2015
Momentary look The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2015
A batsman's stroke, look The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Nov 2015
Grand knight in fancy material gets sideways look The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jul 2015
Look The Telegraph Quick 26 May 2015
Hit but ricochet
Take a gander
Gander's relative?
Look askance
One might be stolen
See 51 Across
See 37-Across
Cursory inspection
Hardly a stare
Quick survey
Casual look
Brief examination
Strike obliquely
Little gander
Slight rebound
Quick look.
Quick glimpse.
Momentary view.
Quick once-over
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.