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Crossword Clues for GLENN

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Clue Source Date
Actress Close Newsday 27 Oct 2020
Close on the screen Newsday 08 Oct 2020
'The Wife' Oscar nominee Close The Washington Post 05 Aug 2020
"The Wife" Oscar nominee Close LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2020
''The Right Stuff'' actor or role Newsday 13 Jun 2020
John —, pioneer US astronaut The Times Concise 06 Feb 2020
"The Wife" star Close Universal 15 Dec 2019
Out-of-this-world guy of '62 Newsday 21 Nov 2019
Close in films The Washington Post 17 Aug 2019
'The Wife' actress Close The Washington Post 08 Jul 2019
"The Wife" actress Close LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2019
Close in pictures Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2019
John in space New York Times 08 Dec 2018
Early spaceman New York Times 05 Dec 2018
Close or Ford Universal 19 Jul 2018
Space traveler Universal 18 Jul 2018
Orbiter of 1962 Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Close of Hollywood Universal 06 Jan 2018
Friendship 7 passenger Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2018
Astronaut John Universal 26 Dec 2017
Close on film The Washington Post 03 Aug 2017
Mercury Seven astronaut John The Washington Post 15 May 2017
First American in orbit Newsday 28 Dec 2016
First American orbiter Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2016
Harris's role in 'The Right Stuff' New York Times 21 Aug 2016
He went into orbit in 1962 Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2016
One of the authors of ''We Seven'' Newsday 25 Jun 2016
Close of "Damages" USA Today 26 Apr 2016
Senator who made the rounds? Universal 14 Feb 2016
Harris's role in "The Right Stuff"
Astronaut at 77 Newsday 19 Nov 2015
Beck of radio Premier Sunday 25 Oct 2015
"Fatal Attraction" actress Close LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2015
Space traveler of 1962 and 1998 USA Today 18 Jan 2015
Senator who went around the world
Astronaut of '62 and '98
First American to orbit Earth
Close, in movies
Close of "Fatal Attraction"
John who was the first American to orbit the earth
Harris in "The Right Stuff"
Close of "Albert Nobbs"
Beck or Ford
Filmdom's Close
Close in Hollywood
See 53-Down
He went into space at age 77
Oldest astronaut
Friendship 7 pilot
Friendship 7 astronaut
Astronaut-turned-senator John
Actor Ford of "Gilda"
"The Right Stuff" actor or role
Oldest person to fly into space
First American to orbit the Earth
Astronaut John (or the sender of the message)
One of the Mercury Seven
Miller with a band
Senator in orbit
Close or Miller
Close up on the silver screen
Miller of swing
"Friendship 7" passenger
Our first orbiter
Ford of Gilda
Close in film
Legendary astronaut
1962 and 1998 orbiter
Geriatric orbiter of '98
Orbiter of note
Mercury 6 occupant
Former astronaut/senator
Canadian pianist Gould
Pianist Gould
Actor Scott
He became the oldest man in space
Gould or Miller
Former senator who made rounds?
Mercury astronaut
Once-and-again space voyager
Former astronaut John
Occupant of Friendship 7
Bandleader Miller
Ford or Miller
Actor Close
Miller of music
Ford of "Blackboard Jungle"
Close on stage
Close who portrayed Cruella
Miller or Close
Presidential candidate of 1984
Two-time N.B.A. All-Star Robinson
Shuttle-riding senator
"The Right Stuff" role
Big band leader Miller
Oldest man in space
Noted space traveler
Senator in space
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.