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Crossword Clues for GLOB

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Clue Source Date
Amorphous clump Jonesin 22 Sep 2020
Amorphous mass Eugene Sheffer 11 Sep 2020
Melted cheese, on nachos Newsday 04 Sep 2020
Jell-O serving, say The Washington Post 04 Jul 2020
Dollop Thomas Joseph 02 Jul 2020
Bit of whipped cream Newsday 19 Apr 2020
Hair gel squirt LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2020
Hunk of gunk Universal 21 Sep 2019
Bit of pomade Newsday 20 Jul 2019
Shapeless mass New York Times 31 Mar 2019
Shapeless lump Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2019
Hunk of clay Family Time 03 Feb 2019
Mass of melted cheese, e.g USA Today 08 Aug 2018
Lump of clay Newsday 08 Jul 2018
Lump of whipped cream Newsday 06 Mar 2018
Mass of melted cheese, e.g.
Bit of modeling clay Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2017
Whipped-cream amount Universal 16 Nov 2017
Toothpaste portion Newsday 01 Oct 2017
Hunk The Washington Post 09 Jul 2017
Lump The Washington Post 03 Jun 2017
Messy mass The Washington Post 09 Dec 2016
Bit of caviar Newsday 07 May 2016
Goo amount LA Times Daily 01 May 2016
Whipped cream amount LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2016
Semiliquid lump New York Times 17 Jan 2016
Liquidy lump New York Times 11 Jan 2016
Soft, thick lump USA Today 21 Jul 2015
Rounded mass USA Today 23 Jun 2015
Whipped-cream portion Newsday 10 Jun 2015
Large drop of whipped cream USA Today 29 Apr 2015
Gunky lump New York Times 09 Feb 2015
Amorphous shape
Pomade portion
Amorphous lump
Whipped-cream serving
Whipped cream serving, perhaps
Wettish lump
Squishy lump
Good bit of whipped cream
Compact clump
Amount squeezed from a tube
Amorphous amount
Large amount of whipped cream
Viscous lump
Handful of mud, say
Rounded lump
Sticky spheroid
Lumpish mass
Large lump
Lump of clay, say
Lumpy mass
Drop of liquid
Tube output
Silly Putty unit
Mashed-potato serving
Hair-gel unit
Goo unit
Gunky mass
Moldable lump
Lump, as of jelly
Bit of gunk
Whipped cream serving
Small drop
Hair-cream portion
Mashed potato amount
Soft thick lump
Round mass
Whipped cream unit
Shapeless dollop
Mayo serving
Amorphous hunk
Lump of cream, for example
Shapeless hunk
Messy lump
Spot of color
Lump of jelly, e.g.
Soggy lump
Big lump
Big wet hunk
Semisolid lump
Shaving cream quantity
Lump of thick liquid
Helping of whipped cream
Lump of clay or cream
Unit of whipped cream
Shapeless mass.
Small drop.
Smear, as of paint.
Viscid lump.
A lump of bubblegum, for instance: Colloq.
Substantial serving of Preparation H, e.g.
Serving of whipped cream
Mud pie serving
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.