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Crossword Clues for GOB

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Clue Source Date
Big lump USA Today 14 Oct 2020
Small quantity of caviar Newsday 03 Oct 2020
Wad of gum Newsday 24 Sep 2020
Sailor Eugene Sheffer 10 Sep 2020
Gooey mass USA Today 30 Aug 2020
Hunk of 38-Down USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Squishy lump Universal 12 Jul 2020
Soft wet lump in mouth The Sun Two Speed 11 Jun 2020
Hunk New York Times 28 May 2020
Lose it Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2019
Lump USA Today 29 Dec 2019
Clump of gum, e.g Universal 09 Nov 2019
Gooey lump Newsday 26 Sep 2019
Sailor, slangily Newsday 03 Jul 2019
Mass of goo Universal 16 Jun 2019
Big dollop Newsday 02 Jun 2019
Mouth or mariner Newsday 11 May 2019
Sizable dollop Newsday 01 Feb 2019
Sailor, in slang Thomas Joseph 08 Nov 2018
Dollop Thomas Joseph 04 Sep 2018
Amorphous amount (and an 'Arrested Development' character) Jonesin 21 Aug 2018
Great deal New York Times 11 Jul 2018
Hunk of goo Jonesin 29 May 2018
Mug in desert, one getting lost The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2018
Local mouthy type found in San Domingo bar Irish Times Crosaire 07 Apr 2018
Amount of toothpaste
Jack-tar Universal 30 Nov 2017
Mushy lump The Washington Post 03 Nov 2017
Tar clump Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
Whipped cream serving Universal 27 Apr 2017
One of the Bluth brothers on 'Arrested Development' Jonesin 31 Jan 2017
Lump of goo The Washington Post 31 Dec 2016
Shapeless mass USA Today 25 Oct 2016
Whipped cream unit Universal 06 Jul 2016
Lump of mayo, e.g Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
Amorphous amount Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2016
Rhyming synonym for ''swab'' Newsday 23 Jan 2016
Soft lump Premier Sunday 10 Jan 2016
Slangy sailor Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2015
Bit of caviar Newsday 19 Sep 2015
Swabbie LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Whole lot New York Times 05 May 2015
Wad of gum, e.g Premier Sunday 01 Feb 2015
Wad of gum, e.g.
Hunk of gunk
Mouth, slangily
Sea dog
Big bunch
Serving of whipped cream
"I Hear You Calling" punks
"Foot in Mouth Disease" Canadian punkers
Bluth brother
Tar on a deck
Gunk hunk
"Foot in Mouth Disease" Canuck punks
Sea salt
Old salt
"Arrested Development" brother
Squishy mass
Seafaring man
Soft mass
Bell-bottoms wearer
An "Arrested Development" brother
Big wet hunk
Sailor slangily
Lump of whipped cream, for example
Lose one's train of thought
Goo lump
Whole bunch
Gross-sounding amount
Big hunk
One in the Navy
One who takes liberties
Amorphous portion
Large lump
Large quantity, as makeup
Huge bunch
See 13 Across
Great many
Good "n” plenty amount
Sailor, in slanguage
U.S.N. tar
Cruiser chap
Shapeless lump
Large mouthful: Slang.
Chunk: Colloq.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.