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Crossword Clues for GOLF

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Clue Source Date
Driving sport Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2020
Course activity Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2020
Driving test, of a sort New York Times 28 Oct 2020
Game using clubs The Times Concise 23 Oct 2020
Pro tour sport Jonesin 29 Sep 2020
Spins female record for those playing around? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2020
Where eagles are prized Newsday 03 Sep 2020
''A good walk spoiled'' Newsday 30 Aug 2020
Game with greens Newsday 20 Aug 2020
Tiger Woods' game Eugene Sheffer 15 Aug 2020
Ball game The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2020
USGA sport USA Today 31 Jul 2020
What may appear just before one gets to hotel? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2020
Starter of 13 down and game Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jun 2020
Sport that returned to the Summer Olympics in 2016 after a 112-year absence New York Times 28 Apr 2020
Round activity Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2020
Sport with tees Universal 14 Dec 2019
The game some say spoils a good walk Irish Times Simplex 18 Oct 2019
Putting game The Washington Post 02 Oct 2019
Part of LPGA Universal 31 Aug 2019
Game; G The Times Concise 15 Jul 2019
Disc ___ (game with tee pads) USA Today 12 Jul 2019
Sport for woods and Woods Universal 10 Jun 2019
Echo, ____, Hotel The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Jun 2019
'A good walk spoiled,' per Twain USA Today 28 Mar 2019
Spieth sport Jonesin 12 Mar 2019
Michelle Wie's game Eugene Sheffer 06 Feb 2019
Club game Premier Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Links game? The Telegraph Quick 01 Jan 2019
"A good walk spoiled," per Twain
Sport in loch with mist rising round The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2018
Subject of the quote Newsday 29 Jun 2018
Game with eagles and albatrosses Jonesin 26 Jun 2018
Sport where players change clubs with no transfer fee The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2018
Country club game USA Today 25 Apr 2018
''A good walk spoiled,'' per Twain Newsday 30 Mar 2018
Advertise local wheel for those doing the driving Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2018
Club sport The Washington Post 01 Feb 2018
Game; letter G The Times Concise 23 Jan 2018
The only member of the NATO phonetic alphabet which is the reversal of another (English) word The Times Specialist Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Outdoor game The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2017
Part of 25 Across Newsday 19 Oct 2017
Gives up belt, of course, for those who like to swing! Irish Times Crosaire 16 Oct 2017
Activity at Pebble Beach Universal 02 Oct 2017
Beat the living daylights out of back in the game Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2017
Sport with fairways and greens Newsday 14 Aug 2017
Phil Mickelson's game Eugene Sheffer 05 Aug 2017
Links activity Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2017
Sport The Guardian Speedy 13 May 2017
Local hawk switched for one of those looking for an eagle perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 13 May 2017
Sport with a miniature version USA Today 12 May 2017
Perform as striker returning for game The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2017
Sport involving driving USA Today 30 Mar 2017
Take to the links The Washington Post 11 Feb 2017
Sport in which the Ryder Cup features The Guardian Speedy 15 Jan 2017
Strange sport? Jonesin 20 Dec 2016
Sport; VW car The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2016
The Skins Game sport USA Today 28 Nov 2016
Jordan Spieth's field The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Nov 2016
'A good walk spoiled,' per Mark Twain The Washington Post 18 Aug 2016
'A good walk spoiled,' reportedly Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2016
Game played on links The Times Concise 21 Jun 2016
Sport that 'brackets' the answer at 62-Across The Washington Post 12 May 2016
Play a round Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2016
The Masters game Family Time 14 Dec 2015
Tiger's sport Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2015
"___ is a good walk spoiled" (Twain) USA Today 07 Nov 2015
18-hole sport Newsday 03 Nov 2015
Hawk, perhaps, rising to see game The Times Cryptic 15 Sep 2015
See 29-Down New York Times 12 Aug 2015
Holey pursuit? LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Hit the links USA Today 11 Jun 2015
Type of club Eugene Sheffer 06 Feb 2015
The hole-ball game?
Game on a green
Sport with tees and clubs
Sport with greens and clubs
Country-club sport
Game often involving a cart
18-hole outing
John Daly's game
Game with hazards and traps
Activity for swinging Couples
Game with a lot of drives
Course game
18-hole game
"An expensive way of playing marbles," per G. K. Chesterton
Spend time on the course
Sport with Sunday drivers?
Augusta activity
Played between tours
Stay on course?
Sport that's been called "a good walk spoiled"
Rory McIlroy's game
Game with holes
Game where 3-Down are used
Game on the green
Tour sport
Rickie Fowler's game
Green game
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.