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Crossword Clues for GOSSIP

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Clue Source Date
Tittle-tattle The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2020
Talk and try small drink The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2020
Apologists ignore a lot of tittle-tattle Irish Times Crosaire 16 Oct 2020
Grapevine talk Thomas Joseph 10 Oct 2020
Try Saracen’s Head to drink and chat The Sun Two Speed 05 Oct 2020
Gas is thus recalled GP admits The Sun Two Speed 09 Aug 2020
Try small drink producing gas The Sun Two Speed 15 Jun 2020
Busybody's energy drink, second inside The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Apr 2020
Busybody Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Rumor spreader Newsday 12 Mar 2020
Revealing type The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Apologists dismiss a lot of tittle-tattle Irish Times Crosaire 27 Feb 2020
Ill-considered confidant Newsday 10 Aug 2019
TMZ's stock-in-trade USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Tabloid fodder Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2019
Gas is thus being recalled GP admits The Sun Two Speed 27 Mar 2019
Try small drink making small talk The Sun Two Speed 05 Mar 2019
Scuttlebutt The Washington Post 02 Jan 2019
Story spreader Newsday 30 Dec 2018
Try small drink and idle talk The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2018
Idle chat The Times Concise 03 Dec 2018
Piece of news that may or may not be true Irish Times Simplex 06 Nov 2018
Spread rumors Newsday 08 Oct 2018
Chitchat The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2018
Word on the street The Washington Post 23 Aug 2018
National pastime, per Bombeck Newsday 14 Oct 2017
Second drink after work may cause rumour The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Oct 2017
Scandalmonger The Times Concise 27 Aug 2017
Dish the dirt on Nazi element, for one, in Grand Old Party Irish Times Crosaire 24 Aug 2017
Travel with friends, finally have a little drink and chat The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2017
Natter The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2017
Trade secrets, say The Washington Post 22 Jan 2017
In talk one's active though one's talk is idle The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jan 2017
Type of columnist Universal 27 Aug 2016
Prate, chatter The Guardian Speedy 07 Aug 2016
Rumormonger's output LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2016
Chinwag The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2016
Tattle The Guardian Speedy 10 Apr 2016
Go on spilling secrets, invading privacy initially The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Feb 2016
Scandal taken up in soap is so good! The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2015
Chit-chat The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2015
Dish dirt USA Today 14 Nov 2015
Tabloid topic Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2015
Tatler reports green light for secret service in middle of Saipan Irish Times Crosaire 07 Aug 2015
Try small drink. It's the same as ... The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jan 2015
Talk around the water cooler
Dish's main ingredient?
Trade secrets?
Industry rumor
It may be full of dirt
Grapevine news
Contents of some columns
TMZ fodder
Rumors and such
Automatic teller?
Grapevine produce?
Tabloid dirt
Spread stories
Dirt on a person
Whispered talk
Dish up the dirt
Tell tales
Grapevine contents
Dish the dirt
Winchell's specialty
Talk about others
Dirt, so to speak
Subject of the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column
Juicy items
Grapevine transmission
Tell tales out of school
Rumors often
Rumormonger's delight
Gabfest staple
"Girl talk."
Talk of the town.
Columnist's forte.
Teller of tales out of school.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.