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Crossword Clues for GOTO

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Clue Source Date
Reliable choice USA Today 29 Oct 2020
Attend Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2020
Show up for The Washington Post 08 Apr 2020
Attend, as an event New York Times 17 Feb 2020
Monopoly words before "Jail" (2 words) Family Time 21 Jul 2019
___ guy (reliable one) USA Today 15 Mar 2019
___ guy (reliable sort) Universal 06 Feb 2019
Kind of guy you can count on The Washington Post 20 Jan 2019
___ Jail (Monopoly downer) Universal 26 Nov 2018
Seek out The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Sep 2018
BASIC programming command Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2018
___ JAIL (Monopoly square) USA Today 08 Mar 2018
Visit The Washington Post Sunday 26 Nov 2017
First-choice Jonesin 07 Nov 2017
Words before "Jail" in Monopoly Universal 09 Oct 2017
"___ Jail" (Monopoly downer) Universal 28 Apr 2017
Start of a depressing Monopoly phrase Universal 02 Mar 2017
Monopoly phrase with "Jail" Universal 24 Jan 2017
___ guy (dependable sort) USA Today 25 Dec 2016
Head toward Newsday 08 Dec 2016
Don't skip, as an event Premier Sunday 04 Dec 2016
"___ Jail" (Monopoly bummer) Universal 16 Sep 2016
With 56-Across, Monopoly card directive USA Today 29 Jul 2016
With 63 Across, experience decadence Newsday 09 Jul 2016
Set out for Premier Sunday 03 Jul 2016
__ guy: dependable sort LA Times Daily 10 May 2016
With 10-Down, turn in New York Times 29 Apr 2016
Words before seed or bed The Washington Post 06 Apr 2016
"___ Jail" (Monopoly directive) Universal 06 Dec 2015
"Jail" or "pot" lead-in USA Today 30 Nov 2015
With 38-Across, deteriorate Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2015
"___Jail" (Monopoly directive) Universal 26 Jul 2015
Basic BASIC command
Cake "Sheep ___ Heaven"
Programming command
Be present at
"Jail" or "extremes" lead-in
With 56-Across, a Monopoly order
Good kind of guy to have around
Sunday-meeting link
"___ Jail" (Monopoly card)
Attend, as a party
___ Jail ("Monopoly" card)
___ bat for (support)
Signal for a programmer's jump
Head for
Start of a treasure hunt instruction
-- bat for
'-- your room!'
___ guy (one who gets things done)
Common command in Basic programming
Reliably knowledgeable
BASIC command
Reliable kind of guy
___ extremes
Be in the audience of
Words with "jail" in a popular board game
Words that can precede the first word of 17-, 26-, 37-, 47- and 63-Across
Command in a BASIC program
Words with jail or pot
First words on a certain Monopoly card
__ guy: someone you count on
__ heck in a handbasket
__ guy
__ the dogs (degenerate)
Jail, pot or seed lead-in
Relied on for expertise
Computer programming phrase
Words before pieces or jail
With 73 Across, only government can force a citizen to do this
Basic computer command
__ JAIL (Monopoly card)
Word processor command
Attend, as a film
Computer command
Sunday ___-meeting
Don't skip
__ Jail (Monopoly command)
___ guy: clutch player
Words before pot or seed
Archaic "You don't say!"
Jail or pot lead-in
__ JAIL (Monopoly square)
"___ blazes!"
"___ jail"
"___jail" (Monopoly directive)
___ bat for
___ great extremes
Lead-in for jail or pot
Computer programmer's command
___ pot (deteriorate)
___ extremes (overdo)
"You may all ___ pot": Goldsmith
"You ___ My Head"
___ pieces
___ the dogs
___ seed (overripen)
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.