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Crossword Clues for GRACE

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Clue Source Date
Virtue of good people The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Sep 2020
Dinner prayer Eugene Sheffer 03 Aug 2020
Poise The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2020
Favour good stock The Telegraph Toughie 29 May 2020
Thanksgiving dinner ritual? Universal 25 Mar 2020
Figure skater’s asset Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2020
Elegant manner Universal 29 Dec 2019
Pre-meal prayer Newsday 09 Dec 2019
Prayer before a meal Universal 28 Nov 2019
Elegance The Telegraph Quick 11 Jul 2019
It's often said before meals Universal 28 Jun 2019
Elegance; prayer The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2019
Dinnertime prayer Family Time 03 Mar 2019
Prayer of thanks before/after a meal Irish Times Simplex 21 Feb 2019
Clarke's Harbour ____ Canadiana 24 Dec 2018
Pre-dinner recitation USA Today 21 Oct 2018
Classy quality Newsday 20 Sep 2018
“The ____ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen” (final verse of King James Bible) The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Words said just before dinner New York Times 03 Sep 2018
Female elegance The Sun Two Speed 10 May 2018
Thanks for dinner? Universal 15 Apr 2018
Elegance shown by good people The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Divine mercy The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Word with period or note The Washington Post 30 Nov 2017
Preprandial blessing The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Part 5 of today's quote Canadiana 11 Sep 2017
Preprandial prayer Eugene Sheffer 07 Jul 2017
Words before "Let's eat!" USA Today 27 May 2017
Elegance of action Newsday 26 Feb 2017
Good run for famous cricketer The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2016
It's a blessing New York Times 26 Oct 2016
Premeal blessing The Washington Post 20 Oct 2016
Good competition is a blessing The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2016
2016 'America's Got Talent' winner VanderWaal Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
Klutz's lack Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2016
Prayer of thanks before a meal Irish Times Simplex 28 Jun 2016
Blessing before a meal New York Times 28 Jun 2016
'Lord, we bless this food ...,' e.g New York Times 20 Jun 2016
Mealtime blessing Newsday 08 Jun 2016
Premeal recitation USA Today 04 Apr 2016
Dancer's asset Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2016
"Lord, we bless this food ...," e.g.
Kelly of "Rear Window" Universal 03 Mar 2015
Words of thanksgiving New York Times 01 Feb 2015
It's said before supper
In a song, it's amazing
Social refinement
Effortless charm
Meal blessing that's 'mixed' and hidden in seven answers in this puzzle
With 27-Down, her last film was "High Society"
Diner's words of thanks
Supper preceder
What's said before dinner
Beginning of many a meal
Pre-meal blessing
"__ under pressure": guts, to Hemingway
Fluidity of movement
Preprandial words
Mealtime prayer
Balletic quality
"Dig in!" preceder
Pre-meal recitation
It's often hard to maintain under pressure
Charming trait
Pre-meal ritual
Preprandial thank-you
Something amazing?
It may come before supper
"Extra time to pay" period
Instance of clemency
Lunch preceder, perhaps
Prayer before eating
Debra Messing character, whose name goes "around" four answers in this puzzle
Short blessing
Kind of period
American-born princess
"___ is more beautiful than beauty": Emerson
"Dig in!" preceder, maybe
Prayer before meals
Kelly of "High Society"
Elegance of manner
Singer Slick
30 days, for certain payments
Moral strength
Meal preceder, perhaps
Kind of note
It may precede "Dig in!"
Ballerina's asset
Meal prayer
Debra Messing role
Actress Kelly or singer Slick
Charm of form
Princess of Monaco
Musical embellishment
Pre-meal thanks
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.