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Crossword Clues for GRAM

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Clue Source Date
Approximate weight of a paper clip Universal 09 Sep 2020
Mass unit Thomas Joseph 22 Aug 2020
What "g" might mean LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2020
What 'g' might mean The Washington Post 08 Aug 2020
Measure of carbs on nutrition labels Newsday 28 Jul 2020
Fraction of an ounce Newsday 24 Jul 2020
Ma's ma LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2020
Measure in a French bread recipe? Universal 14 Apr 2020
Small unit of mass The Times Concise 27 Mar 2020
A little weight Universal 20 Jan 2020
Nutritionist's measure Newsday 15 Dec 2019
About 15 1/2 grains New York Times 14 Dec 2019
Metric weight unit Universal 12 Dec 2019
Dietary fat unit USA Today 29 Oct 2019
Measure of carbs or protein Newsday 30 Sep 2019
Metric mass measure Universal 18 Sep 2019
Small fraction of an ounce Newsday 11 Aug 2019
Nutrition label unit New York Times 22 May 2019
Metric measure Eugene Sheffer 15 May 2019
Family nickname Newsday 27 Apr 2019
Dietary protein unit USA Today 21 Apr 2019
About 1/28 ounce USA Today 18 Apr 2019
Tiny weight Universal 13 Feb 2019
Nutrition label measure USA Today 24 Dec 2018
Metric scale unit USA Today 10 Dec 2018
Mom's mom, briefly The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 Oct 2018
Carb or fat unit USA Today 19 Sep 2018
Fat unit Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Metric unit of weight Irish Times Simplex 06 Apr 2018
Weight unit The Washington Post 01 Apr 2018
Metric mass Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2018
Metric unit of mass Universal 03 Jan 2018
Equivalent of five carats Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2017
Nutrient measure Newsday 23 Oct 2017
Nutrition Facts unit The Washington Post Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Chickpeas; unit of mass The Times Concise 27 Sep 2017
Metric weight Newsday 26 Jul 2017
Chem lab measure Newsday 20 Jul 2017
Five carats Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2017
Wee weight Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2017
Tiny weight unit The Washington Post 05 Dec 2016
Nutrition Facts standard Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Small metric weight Newsday 29 Aug 2016
Light weight LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2016
One-millionth of a metric ton Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2016
.035 ounces Universal 18 Jan 2016
Metric-system unit USA Today 07 Jan 2016
Unit of fat New York Times 28 Dec 2015
Fat measure LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2015
.035 of an ounce Universal 10 Nov 2015
Fraction of a kilo Universal 03 Aug 2015
'g,' to a chemist New York Times 21 Jun 2015
Metric unit Universal 08 Apr 2015
Dollar bill's weight, roughly Jonesin 15 Jan 2015
Small mass Thomas Joseph 10 Jan 2015
"g," to a chemist
Mass of a paper clip, roughly
Basic metric weight
Country rock's Parsons
Nutrition Facts measure
Carb measure
15.432 grains
0.0353 of an ounce, approximately
0.035 of an ounce, approximately
.035 ounce
Lab measuring unit
Flying Burrito Brothers member Parsons
Just under half a penny's weight
Ending with tele- or sono-
.035 ounce, in the metric system
Protein unit
Dietary-fat unit
About 1/28 of an ounce
Parsons of The Byrds
"Burrito" Parsons
Mass measure
Dollar bill weight, roughly
Minute metric measure
Metric mass unit
Thousandth of a kilo
About 15 grains
1/1000 of a kilo
Almost 1/28 ounce
Elderly relative, informally
Carb unit
Atkins unit
Unit equal to 15.432 grains
One thousandth of a kilo
Metric amount
Weight of a raisin, roughly
Mama's mama
Scale marking, perhaps
It goes with tele- or epi-
See 67-Across
Lab weight
Ending with cable or candy
Weight of a dollar bill, roughly
Metric system unit
A little fat
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