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Crossword Clues for GRETEL

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Clue Source Date
Hansel's sister Eugene Sheffer 01 Aug 2020
Sister in a Brothers Grimm tale
German fairy tale character, sister of 21 The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Dec 2019
Opera heroine who slays a witch New York Times 07 Dec 2019
She outwitted a witch The Washington Post 12 May 2019
Sister in a children's story New York Times 31 Mar 2019
Gingerbread house visitor USA Today 03 Jan 2019
Grimm girl The Washington Post 16 Sep 2018
Soprano sister in a Humperdinck opera Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2018
Outsmarter of a fairy-tale witch USA Today 24 Jun 2018
Storybook sister The Washington Post 31 Dec 2017
Storybook sister who pushed the hag into the oven The Washington Post 13 Jun 2017
Sister of Hansel The Times Concise 22 May 2017
Character in a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Feb 2017
Fairy tale sister New York Times 22 Dec 2016
Leading female character in fairytale by the Brothers Grimm The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Nov 2015
Title heroine in a Humperdinck opera LA Times Daily 30 May 2015
Hansel's sis Premier Sunday 03 May 2015
Woodcutter's daughter of story
Girl threatened by a cannibalistic forest witch
Half a fairy-tale duo
Fairy-tale escapee from a witch
Fairy tale girl
Woodcutter's witch-baking daughter
Crumby heroine
Crumby heroine?
Hansel's sib
Fictional woodcutter's daughter
Escapee from a witch in a Grimm tale
Girl enticed by an edible house
Fairy tale girl who outsmarted a witch
Sibling of Hansel
Grimm heroine
Humperdinck heroine
Grimm youngster
Fairy tale heroine
Grimm child
Woodcutter's fairy-tale daughter
Grimm character
Fairy tale miss
Gingerbread house explorer
Witch-baking girl
Humperdinck's heroine
Storybook character
She pulled a switch on a witch
Fairy-tale girl
She foiled a witch
Witch foiler
Humperdinck lass
Escapee from a witch
Co-conspirator of 11 Down
Humperdinck girl
Humperdinck girl.
Opera role.
Fairy tale character.
Challenger in 39 Across.
Peter the broom-maker's daughter.
Operatic heroine.
Heroine of fairy tale and opera.
Broom-maker's child.
Child opera heroine.
Humperdinck heroine.
Woodcutter's daughter of fairy tales
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.