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Crossword Clues for GREY

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Clue Source Date
Title surgeon of primetime Newsday 18 Oct 2020
Like a cloudy London day The Washington Post 17 Oct 2020
Neutral colour USA Today 22 Sep 2020
Horse training for The Derby consistently bringing up the rear The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2020
Western author Zane Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2020
Jennifer of 'Dirty Dancing' New York Times 14 Jul 2020
Big name in Western fiction Newsday 09 Jul 2020
Western writer Zane __ The Washington Post 15 Jun 2020
Cloudy and dull The Times Concise 26 May 2020
Ethically uncertain, in Sussex The Washington Post 08 May 2020
Dreary shade Thomas Joseph 06 May 2020
Gloomy, elegy writer, from what we hear The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Mar 2020
Neither black nor white, in Britain Universal 11 Mar 2020
Earl __ tea The Washington Post 02 Dec 2019
The colour of ash Irish Times Simplex 07 Oct 2019
Earl ___ tea Universal 15 Sep 2019
Horse in stayer galloping around The Telegraph Toughie 10 Sep 2019
___ Goose vodka USA Today 01 Jun 2019
London fog descriptor Newsday 16 Mar 2019
'Fifty Shades of —' Eugene Sheffer 31 Dec 2018
___ Poupon mustard New York Times 24 Dec 2018
Overcast, in Britain New York Times 21 Dec 2018
Lady Jane -- The Telegraph Quick 22 Sep 2018
'West of the Pecos' novelist Zane USA Today 06 Sep 2018
''The Vanishing American'' author Newsday 04 Aug 2018
Earl going to pot in shade The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jun 2018
Like rainy London skies The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Between black and white Irish Times Simplex 23 May 2018
Somewhat dark horse The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2018
Overcast The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2018
Jennifer of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' The Washington Post Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Earl tea Eugene Sheffer 26 Apr 2018
___ Poupon (mustard brand) USA Today 27 Mar 2018
Joel of 'Cabaret' Eugene Sheffer 15 Feb 2018
"West of the Pecos" novelist Zane
Earl of tea Newsday 27 Dec 2017
___ Goose (vodka brand) New York Times 05 Dec 2017
It comes between "Earl" and 50-Across Universal 07 Nov 2017
-- Poupon Premier Sunday 30 Jul 2017
Fourth volume of a James series Newsday 17 Jun 2017
'Riders of the Purple Sage' author The Washington Post 28 Feb 2017
Cambridge colour Newsday 16 Feb 2017
Dull PM of yesteryear The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2016
Herb ____ (famed Bomber lineman) Canadiana 17 Oct 2016
Western novelist Zane USA Today 18 Jun 2016
Colour on edges of green jersey Irish Times Crosaire 09 May 2016
'Cabaret' star Joel Eugene Sheffer 29 Apr 2016
Dreary colour Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2016
Colour of ashes The Times Concise 12 Apr 2016
'Dirty Dancing' actress Jennifer Jonesin 01 Mar 2016
"The Rube's Honeymoon" author Zane USA Today 27 Feb 2016
'Cabaret' Oscar winner Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2016
____ Cup Canadiana 25 Jan 2016
Battleship colour Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2015
Western writer Zane Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2015
Old — colourless The Guardian Quick 14 Nov 2015
Sombre New York Times 17 Sep 2015
Big name in western fiction Newsday 01 Mar 2015
2015 title role for Dornan
Elton John "___ Seal"
Dave Matthews "___ Street"
Color of Dave Matthews' "Street"
One with "fifty shades"
Joel or Jennifer
Wealthy Christian of pop-porn lit
Jennifer of "Dirty Dancing"
Color with fifty shades, give or take
Jennifer who won "Dancing with the Stars"
Earl known for tea
Neutral shade
Bleak, in London
"Wild Horse Mesa" author
Overcast, in London
Joel of "Wicked"
Earl with a tea
Jane or Zane
Visage "Fade to ___"
Gandalf the ___
"Pardon me, would you have any ___ Poupon?"
Medical drama title character
Writer Zane
Earl ___ (tea named for a British noble)
Area record company lawyers avoid
Dull, as London skies
__ Cup: Canadian football trophy
Neutral shade in London
Westerns author Zane
Novelist Zane
"Cabaret" actor Joel
Author Zane
Joel of "Cabaret"
"Dirty Dancing" actress Jennifer
Slate-colored, to a Brit
Leaden, in London
Author Zane __
Singer/actor Joel
Like Queen Elizabeth's hair (4)
"The Mysterious Rider" author
Writer from Zanesville
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.