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Crossword Clues for GRITS

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Clue Source Date
Southern side dish Eugene Sheffer 24 Jul 2020
Creamy Southern side Universal 22 Jul 2020
Southern diner bowlful The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Southern dish often made with heavy cream Universal 25 Mar 2020
South side? LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2020
Shrimp and ___ Universal 11 Mar 2020
Ground corn dish Premier Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Breakfast food mentioned in court in 'My Cousin Vinny' The Washington Post 15 Dec 2018
Breakfast food mentioned in court in "My Cousin Vinny" LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2018
Southern breakfast dish Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2018
Boiled breakfast dish New York Times 23 Dec 2017
Group of prison rejects in Porridge? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Feb 2016
Breakfast side LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2015
Middle of night, prison sent up breakfast for American The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Mar 2015
US dish of coarsely ground grain The Times Concise 10 Mar 2015
Breakfast bowlful
*See 117-Across
Southern breakfast staple
Southern side
Dixie dish
Southern breakfast serving
For abrasiveness, use...
Southern dish
Down-home breakfast serving
Alternative to hash browns
Dixie side
Southern breakfast, sometimes
Southern breakfast side
Porridge of corn
Breakfast serving
Popular Southern breakfast food
Breakfast order for y'all?
Boiled breakfast side
Side in Dixie
Down-home side
It's kind of corny
You can't order just one
Kasha kin
Southern bowlful
Corn-based Southern dish
Atlanta breakfast
Hominy ___
Hearty breakfast dish
Macon breakfast
Texas breakfast choice
Down-home breakfast
Corny side
Dixie side dish
Southern breakfast fare
Coarsely ground hominy
Ground hominy
Breakfast food in Dixie
Hominy food
Dixie specialty
Charleston breakfast dish
Southern side order
Liberals in Canada
Coarse hominy
Hominy mush
Dixie fare
Southern dish.
Breakfast meal.
Southern food item.
Coarsely ground corn.
Southern specialty.
Dixie food.
Coarsely ground grain.
Breakfast food in Dixie.
Hominy ___.
Coarse hominy.
Southern food staple.
Deep South food.
Dixie delicacy.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.