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Crossword Clues for HALOS

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Clue Source Date
Angelic rings USA Today 14 Oct 2020
Rings of light Newsday 17 Sep 2020
Nimbi New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Angel toppers Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2020
Symbols of sanctity Newsday 06 Sep 2020
Rings over angels USA Today 01 Sep 2020
Saintly circles Newsday 15 Jul 2020
They're over angels' heads Universal 29 Apr 2020
Nickname for the MLB's Angels The Washington Post 28 Apr 2020
Head lights? Eugene Sheffer 27 Dec 2019
Illuminated rings Newsday 20 Dec 2019
Bright rings Thomas Joseph 29 Oct 2019
Signs of holiness USA Today 20 Oct 2019
Circles overhead? Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2019
Saintly symbols USA Today 12 Jul 2019
Celestial circles USA Today 02 Jul 2019
Circles in religious iconography The Washington Post Sunday 23 Jun 2019
Saintly glows The Washington Post 20 Feb 2019
Some lunar effects New York Times 16 Feb 2019
Saintly auras USA Today 26 Jan 2019
Signs of saintliness The New Yorker 14 Jan 2019
Circular glows Thomas Joseph 18 Sep 2018
Angels' toppers Newsday 30 Jul 2018
MLB's Angels, in sportscasts The Washington Post 17 Jun 2018
MLB's Angels, in headlines USA Today 03 Jun 2018
Signs of innocence The New Yorker 07 May 2018
Glowing rings Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2017
Overhead rings Universal 15 Sep 2017
Angels' headwear New York Times 21 Aug 2017
Items in Los Angeles Angels logos USA Today 19 Aug 2017
Radiant circles Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2017
Saintly head toppers Universal 10 Aug 2017
Saintly rings LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2017
Baseball's Angels, in headlines USA Today 14 Feb 2017
Angelic symbols Universal 16 Jan 2017
Rings up? New York Times 30 Nov 2016
Heavenly rings The Washington Post 03 Oct 2016
Los Angeles Angels, in sportscasts LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2016
Celestial rings New York Times 28 Jul 2016
Iconographic nimbi The Washington Post 01 May 2016
Radiant rings Newsday 21 Apr 2016
Angel hair toppers? New York Times 15 Apr 2016
Divine rings LA Times Daily 20 Mar 2016
Anaheim team, in sportscasts LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2015
They hover over some icons New York Times 16 Aug 2015
Signs of divinity Universal 17 Jul 2015
Crowns of light Newsday 20 May 2015
Religious circles? Jonesin 22 Jan 2015
Angelic toppers
Angelic lights
Angels' headpieces
Rings of angels
Purity rings?
Saintly toppers
Head lights
Saints' headgear
Anaheim team, to fans
Angels' headgear
Overhead ovals
Some church overhead?
Nickname for the Anaheim Angels
Items often done in gold leaf
Angelic auras
Noodle rings?
Heavenly head covers
Divinity symbols
Saints' radiant circles
Saints' head surrounders
They may appear over icons
Iconic rings
Lofty circles
Angelic headwear
Symbols of goodness
Signs of goodness
Saintly signs
Overhead circles
Circles overhead
Signs of angels
Light circles
Glorious auras
They float over angels
Light headwear?
Angelic circles
Heavenly headgear
Street lamp effects
Angelic features
High lights?
Light rings
Meteorological effects
Circles of angels
Greetings at the Pearly Gates?
Signs of sanctity
Holy rings
Divine radiances
Circles of light
Saints' circlets
Aureoles or glorioles
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.