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Crossword Clues for HEEL

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Clue Source Date
Shoe part opposite the toe Universal 30 Nov 2020
Scoundrel Eugene Sheffer 28 Nov 2020
Part of a foot New York Times 21 Nov 2020
Back of a boot Universal 20 Nov 2020
''High'' part of some shoes Newsday 17 Nov 2020
Command to a tugging dog Universal 18 Oct 2020
Crusty end of a loaf Irish Times Simplex 16 Oct 2020
Dog command The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
Lab order? The Washington Post 13 Sep 2020
Stiletto, for one Universal 10 Sep 2020
Command to a canine Newsday 04 Sep 2020
Part of a sock USA Today 28 Aug 2020
Stiletto, e.g New York Times 12 Aug 2020
''High'' shoe part Newsday 20 Jul 2020
Dog walker's command Universal 17 Jul 2020
Stiletto __: shoe part LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2020
Foot part Thomas Joseph 08 Jun 2020
Last-eaten part of a loaf, often New York Times 07 Jun 2020
End of a loaf or loafer Universal 02 Jun 2020
Part of the foot The Times Concise 20 May 2020
Cad Eugene Sheffer 24 Apr 2020
Most of posse fighting with this nasty piece of work could be hopeless The Telegraph Toughie 12 Feb 2020
Command to a dog
Site of plantar fasciitis pain The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Back part of a sock Newsday 02 Dec 2019
Elevator near an arch? New York Times 24 Nov 2019
You might limp if it breaks The New Yorker 11 Nov 2019
No wind in New Delhi or down the bottom of Italy perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 01 Nov 2019
Back of the foot Irish Times Simplex 11 Oct 2019
Shoe or foot part The Washington Post 12 Aug 2019
Crustiest piece of bread Universal 11 Aug 2019
Command to Rover USA Today 11 Jul 2019
Loaf end Premier Sunday 30 Jun 2019
Shoe part Thomas Joseph 24 Jun 2019
List that won't be found 5 Down The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2019
End of a loaf Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2019
Spike on a woman's shoe Family Time 02 Jun 2019
Contemptible sort USA Today 21 May 2019
Rogue that may be Cuban The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2019
Ring when wife leaves bank The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2019
Sock part Newsday 22 Mar 2019
Part of foot The Telegraph Quick 25 Jan 2019
"Follow me, Rover!" Universal 16 Jan 2019
Shoe in high fashion? Universal 10 Jan 2019
Command to Fido The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Nov 2018
Canine command The Washington Post 09 Oct 2018
The held end of a string player’s bow The Times Specialist Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Spike touching the floor Universal 29 Aug 2018
Callous bread piece? Universal 27 Aug 2018
Bread loaf part Universal 20 Aug 2018
Falling down in a pillow fight? New York Times 02 Aug 2018
Part of a pump The New Yorker 02 Jul 2018
Part of a shoe or foot Newsday 16 May 2018
Bread end The Washington Post Sunday 22 Apr 2018
Rotter or cad The Sun Two Speed 17 Apr 2018
Command given to setter perhaps The Sun Two Speed 17 Apr 2018
Boot part Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2018
Tilt part of body The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2018
He's onto the Spanish cad The Sun Two Speed 08 Jan 2018
That man backed the French list The Telegraph Toughie 28 Dec 2017
Last piece of bread in a loaf Family Time 13 Nov 2017
Part of a foot or loaf of bread Family Time 12 Nov 2017
Walk obediently The Washington Post 22 Oct 2017
Command to a pooch Universal 02 Oct 2017
Feature of a loaf of bread Universal 20 Aug 2017
Dog trainer's word The Washington Post 17 Aug 2017
Turner losing head, contemptible type The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jun 2017
Moccasin's lack USA Today 07 Jun 2017
No-goodnik USA Today 12 Apr 2017
That man heads the Spanish list The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Feb 2017
Shout at an obedience school Universal 11 Jan 2017
Command to a collie Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2016
"Follow closely, Fido!" USA Today 06 Oct 2016
Plantar fasciitis affects it Jonesin 13 Sep 2016
Loaf's end Wall Street Journal 21 Jul 2016
Achilles' vulnerable spot Jonesin 19 Jul 2016
Anatomical part that would be rotating inside wing The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jun 2016
Part of 50 Down where Bari is, metaphorically The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 May 2016
Local rogue hangs around Hell's Angel Irish Times Crosaire 10 Mar 2016
Brogan part Premier Sunday 03 Jan 2016
Tilt part of shoe The Sun Two Speed 10 Dec 2015
Achilles' soft spot The Sun Two Speed 10 Dec 2015
Loaf or loafer part Universal 08 Oct 2015
Achilles's weak spot The Guardian Quick 19 Sep 2015
Obedience-school command The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Sep 2015
'Follow' New York Times 30 Jul 2015
Pump part Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2015
Scoundrel making one downtrodden? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2015
Achilles' weak spot Newsday 25 Mar 2015
Reprehensible person The Telegraph Quick 14 Feb 2015
Unpleasant type's order to dog The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jan 2015
Pedro the Lion "Achilles ___"
Replaceable shoe part
Rear of a sole
Command for Fido
Toe's opposite
Puddle of Mudd "___ Over Head"
Might hit foot pedal with it
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.