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Crossword Clues for HEELS

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Clue Source Date
Tips to one side The Washington Post 22 Aug 2020
Dressy shoes Wall Street Journal 18 May 2020
They often hit the dance floor Newsday 01 May 2020
Baddies in car first to escape The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2020
Blackguards The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2019
To “lay by the ____” is to put (someone) in fetters The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Leans, lists or tilts The Telegraph Quick 08 Jun 2019
Height-boosting wear Wall Street Journal 01 May 2019
Scoundrels (informal) The Sun Two Speed 11 Apr 2019
Rotters in high shoes? The Sun Two Speed 11 Apr 2019
Parts of body; tilts The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2019
Shoemaker's supply Newsday 16 Dec 2018
Boot parts Thomas Joseph 10 Dec 2018
Local car fails to start with parts from the boot Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2018
Cads Eugene Sheffer 06 Dec 2018
Elevators in an office building? New York Times 18 Nov 2018
Cobbler's supply USA Today 11 Sep 2018
''High'' parts of shoes Newsday 14 May 2018
Dorothy Gale clicked hers USA Today 08 Apr 2018
High shoes Jonesin 03 Apr 2018
Party wear, for some
-- / Scoundrels
No-goodniks USA Today 17 Dec 2017
Backs of the feet Irish Times Simplex 19 Sep 2017
Shoe parts Universal 02 Aug 2017
Bread butts The Washington Post 09 Jul 2017
Grate catches? New York Times 05 May 2017
Prom wear, for some New York Times 16 Mar 2017
Shoes that make you look taller LA Times Daily 23 Jan 2017
- LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2016
Backs of feet Irish Times Simplex 23 Nov 2016
Pair for date night LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2016
Wedges demonstrated by male champion golfer The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Oct 2016
Formal footwear New York Times 05 Oct 2016
Louses New York Times 16 Jul 2016
They might be dug in Wall Street Journal 25 May 2016
Prom pair, often Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Parts of bread loaves USA Today 29 Oct 2015
Foot parts The Telegraph Quick 11 Oct 2015
They may be high at a party New York Times 10 Sep 2015
Reason for wobbling, perhaps LA Times Daily 09 Aug 2015
Footwear sometimes carried to work New York Times 10 Jun 2015
Some fancy party wear New York Times 13 May 2015
Crusty ends of a loaf Newsday 01 Apr 2015
Alternative to flats Universal 25 Mar 2015
Tears for Fears "Head Over ___"
"High" parts of shoes
Women's footwear
Loaf or loafer parts
Cobbler's stock
They're hard to run in
Part of a drag outfit
Sexy-looking shoes
Stilettos, e.g.
Bad shoes for running
Difficult shoes to walk in
The Go-Go's "Head Over ___"
Loaf ends
Dressy footwear
Fancy footwear
They may be kicked off or kicked up
Go-Go's "Head Over ___"
Gown go-with
They might pose a problem on the runway
Uncomfortable premiere wear
Shoes not designed for comfort
They may give you a lift
Bread ends
Formal footwear for females
Pumps and wedges
"Time wounds all ___" (another pun ending)
They provide lift on runways
They may be cooled
Follows closely, as a dog
They're tough to run in
Shoes that add inches to one's height
Part of dressy attire for a woman
No gentlemen
Shoes to wobble in
Elevating footwear
Things to kick up
Shoe-repair shop stock
They give drag queens a lift
They can be spiked
Follows closely
Darned spots
Spikes, e.g.
Women's formal wear
Cooled things?
Pumps have them
Emulates a well-trained dog
Shoe repair targets, sometimes
Shoe pieces
High points for models
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