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Crossword Clues for HOAR

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Clue Source Date
Cold grass coating Family Time 10 Aug 2020
Ice crystals forming a white deposit, as in frost The Guardian Speedy 26 Jul 2020
Frosty coating LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2020
Frost New York Times 14 May 2020
Winter covering The Washington Post 17 Apr 2020
Frosty coat LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2020
Winter leaf covering New York Times 05 Jan 2020
Greyish-white with age or frost Irish Times Simplex 18 Nov 2019
Winter coat The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Icy coating USA Today 17 Aug 2019
A kind of frost Canadiana 13 May 2019
White winter coat The New Yorker 01 Apr 2019
Frosty glaze Newsday 15 Dec 2018
Save diamonds lost in deposit during winter? The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2018
White frost Universal 16 Dec 2017
Frozen dew New York Times 01 Dec 2017
Winter coating Universal 29 Aug 2017
Rime The Washington Post 17 Jul 2017
Winter frost New York Times 15 Jun 2017
Gray-haired Family Time 12 Jun 2017
Coating of frost Universal 16 Nov 2016
Wintry coating LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2016
Cold coating USA Today 15 Aug 2016
Wintry frost The Washington Post 22 Dec 2015
Greyish-white; frost The Times Concise 05 Nov 2015
Winter coat? The Chronicle of Higher Education 17 Apr 2015
Here are ice crystals, not diamonds in treasure store The Times Cryptic 06 Feb 2015
Wintry ground cover
"Whose beard with age is __": Coleridge
A type of frost
Old and gray
Icy covering
Cold ground covering
Coating of frozen dew
Icy glaze
Frost coating
Window coating?
Look of aged whitening
White coat
White window coating
Ground covering on some mornings
Ice covering
___ frost
Winter window sight
Cold cover
Icy crystals
Type of frost
Frosty covering
Cold covering
Ground covering on cold mornings
Granular ice
Frost front
Kind of frost
Old and grey
White with age
Grayish white
Gray, as with age
Gray with age
Jack Frost's product
White coating
Gray with age.
Frosty coating.
White frost.
White or gray.
Gray or white.
White with age.
Gray-haired with age.
Light gray.
Frosty white.
Frost or time.
Grant's Attorney General.
December coat?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.