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Crossword Clues for HOARY

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Clue Source Date
White or grey with age The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 May 2020
Ancient New York Times 06 Dec 2019
Stale, as jokes Newsday 20 Oct 2019
White with frost The Washington Post 21 Aug 2019
Showing characteristics of age Family Time 04 Aug 2019
White-haired with age Family Time 25 Mar 2019
Long in the tooth Universal 18 Jul 2018
Like chestnuts Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2018
Frost-covered The Washington Post 06 Dec 2017
White with age The Washington Post 23 Oct 2017
Grizzled Universal 02 Sep 2017
White with frost or age The Washington Post 20 Feb 2017
Gray with age Universal 03 Jan 2017
Like old joke The Telegraph Quick 09 Sep 2016
As old as the hills New York Times 29 Nov 2015
Old and gray
Stale, as a joke
Old as the hills
Too familiar
Far from innovative
Showing age
Really, really old
Grayish white
Like the Ancient Mariner
Very old
Wintry white
Very old.
Old as the hills.
White with age.
Remote in time past.
Gray with age.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.