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Crossword Clues for HOLT

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Clue Source Date
NBC news anchor Lester Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2020
Lester of NBC News Eugene Sheffer 03 Nov 2020
''NBC Nightly News'' anchor Newsday 06 Aug 2020
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' captain Raymond Jonesin 31 Mar 2020
Young otter's home
Otter's lair New York Times 11 Oct 2019
'NBC Nightly News' anchor Lester The Washington Post 26 Oct 2018
"NBC Nightly News" anchor Lester LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2018
Otter's den The Guardian Speedy 22 Sep 2018
TV journalist Lester The Washington Post Sunday 25 Feb 2018
"Remington Steele" character Laura Universal 13 May 2017
Williams's successor at 'NBC Nightly News' Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2016
George Eliot's 'Felix ___, the Radical' The Washington Post 14 Aug 2016
News anchor Lester New York Times 27 Jun 2016
Williams's 'Nightly News' replacement Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
"Dateline NBC" anchor Lester LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2015
Williams's successor on 'NBC Nightly News' Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2015
Essence of alcohol taken as 14 The Telegraph Toughie 13 Aug 2015
Williams's successor on "NBC Nightly News"
Romance novelist Victoria
"Arrested Development" character Steve
"Dateline NBC" anchor
"Dateline NBC" host Lester
Weekend anchor of NBC's "Today" and "Nightly News"
Book publisher Henry
Oater actor Jack
George Eliot character, Felix
"Mistress of Mellyn" author Victoria
Wide receiver Torry or publisher Henry
George Eliot's "Felix ___, the Radical"
"Felix ___, the Radical" (George Eliot title)
"Felix ___" (George Eliot title)
"Weekend Today" anchor Lester
Tim of old oaters
Publisher Henry
Gothic novelist Victoria
MSNBC anchorman Lester
MSNBC anchor Lester
"Felix ___ : The Radical" (George Eliot title)
Publishing partner of Rinehart and Winston
Victoria ___ (pen name of romance novelist Eleanor Hibbert)
English novelist Victoria
George Eliot's "Felix _____"
Actor Tim of "The Magnificent Ambersons"
The Black Opal author
Big name in book publishing
Actor Jack or Tim
Rinehart/Winston publishing partner
Author Victoria
Author of "How Children Learn"
Victoria ___, Gothic novelist
Australian Prime Minister: 1966
Actor Tim or Jack
Jack or Tim of films
Felix ___, G. Eliot hero
Jack of silent westerns
Cowboy actor Jack
Jack of old Westerns
Jack of the silents
Ex-film star Jack
Silent screen star.
Well-known publisher.
Hollywood's Jack or Tim.
Seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Torry
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