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Crossword Clues for IAMSO

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Clue Source Date
"You are not!" reply Premier Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Insistent refutation Newsday 30 Jul 2020
Response to ''You are not!'' Newsday 17 Jun 2020
Insistent exclamation Newsday 03 May 2020
Playground rebuttal
"You are not!" retort
Retort to 'No you're not!' Premier Sunday 15 Dec 2019
'You are not!' rebuttal Premier Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Response to a disbeliever New York Times 06 Sep 2019
Schoolyard retort Premier Sunday 05 May 2019
Playground retort Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2019
'No, you're not!' retort Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2018
Kid's proud retort New York Times 06 Jul 2018
Retort to 'You're not!' USA Today 30 Jun 2018
Three-word defense The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
Emphatic denial Newsday 01 Apr 2018
"No, you're not!" retort
Retort to "You're not!"
Retort to a doubter New York Times 03 Oct 2017
Emphatic affirmation The Washington Post 10 Aug 2017
Playground dispute words The Washington Post 26 Mar 2017
"You are not!" rebuttal LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2016
Juvenile response LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2015
''You are not!'' retort Newsday 13 Apr 2015
Retort to 'You are not!' New York Times 26 Jan 2015
Retort to "You are not!"
"You are not!" reply
Kid's retort
Insistent retort
Reply to 'You are not!'
'You are not!' retort
Steadfast counter
Affirmative retort
Defense of one's bona fides, on the playground
"___ dead!"
"You are not!" response
Comeback to "You are not!"
"You are not!" comeback
"___ dead!" (worried teen's words)
"No you're not!" retort
Retort to a skeptic
Child's retort
"You are not!" rejoinder
"___ sorry!"
Retort to a disbeliever
Reply to "You are not!"
Childish retort
"You are not" rebuttal
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.