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Crossword Clues for ICIER

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Clue Source Date
Less cordial USA Today 07 Oct 2020
Not as congenial Universal 17 Sep 2020
More slippery The Washington Post 08 Sep 2020
More cool socially? Universal 10 Aug 2020
More frosty USA Today 16 Jul 2020
More aloof The Washington Post 01 Jul 2020
Comparatively chilly Jonesin 30 Jun 2020
Less friendly Eugene Sheffer 27 Jun 2020
Not as cordial Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2020
Less approachable USA Today 15 Apr 2020
More slippery, perhaps Newsday 09 Apr 2020
More standoffish The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Comparatively unfriendly Newsday 28 Feb 2020
More hazardous, as wintry roads Newsday 24 Feb 2020
Slicker, in the winter Universal 06 Nov 2019
More likely to cause skidding The Washington Post 23 Oct 2019
More hostile Universal 15 Aug 2019
More slippery French here looking down on the Queen The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2019
More frozen over Universal 14 Jun 2019
Slicker during winter USA Today 25 Feb 2019
Less welcoming New York Times 10 Feb 2019
More frozen Universal 10 Dec 2018
More frost-covered Universal 31 Oct 2018
Less congenial Newsday 23 Sep 2018
Not so cordial New York Times 19 Sep 2018
Way chillier Universal 21 Aug 2018
Colder The Telegraph Quick 09 Aug 2018
More chilly The Times Concise 29 Mar 2018
Not as chummy Newsday 16 Mar 2018
Much less compassionate Universal 11 Mar 2018
Less hospitable The Washington Post 25 Dec 2017
More wintry, in a way, and more dangerous if losing head The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2017
Not as welcoming New York Times 17 Nov 2017
More frigid Universal 02 Nov 2017
More slippery in winter Universal 19 Oct 2017
Even less given to emotion The Washington Post 18 Aug 2017
Less genial New York Times 27 May 2017
More frigid and slippery Universal 15 May 2017
Not nearly as congenial USA Today 27 Apr 2017
Needing more salt, say The Washington Post 22 Jan 2017
Chillier The Washington Post 18 Oct 2016
Riskier losing head getting more hostile The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Sep 2016
Like the Arctic Ocean vis-à-vis the Atlantic New York Times 27 Aug 2016
More frosty and slippery Universal 15 Jul 2016
More dangerous in the winter, say New York Times 12 Jun 2016
Not so congenial Universal 02 Apr 2016
Not so genial LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Worse for winter driving USA Today 18 Dec 2015
More likely to cause a skid Universal 19 Nov 2015
More likely to cool off Universal 09 Jul 2015
More hazardous, as winter driving conditions New York Times 23 Jun 2015
Trickier to drive on LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2015
Comparatively frosty Universal 09 Feb 2015
More treacherous, as a winter sidewalk
More slippery, as roads
Far less cordial
More slick, in a way
*Less welcoming
More distant
Worse for driving
Much less chummy
Relatively distant
Not as friendly
Not as warm
Not nearly as cordial
More remote
Less receptive
Less chummy
More slippery, as a road
More hazardous, in winter
Slicker in the winter
Comparatively cold
More unfriendly
Less emotional
Apter for polar bears
More polar
Slicker, in a way
Far less friendly
More dangerous for winter driving
Not nearly as emotional
More slippery, in a way
More treacherous in the winter
Relatively remote
Not so welcoming
Not so friendly
More likely to cause slipping
Not as amiable
More gelid
Slicker, as a sidewalk
More slippery, probably
More hazardous, in a way
More inhospitable
More hazardous in winter
More wintry
Slicker in winter
Much less cordial
More chilling
More slippery, in winter
More dispassionate
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.