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Clue Source Date
All lined up Universal 11 Sep 2020
Lined up Newsday 17 Jul 2020
One after the other having an argument The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2020
Successively Universal 09 Sep 2019
Like all the pretty maids, fighting The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jun 2019
Single-file Newsday 22 Feb 2019
Back to back Newsday 01 Dec 2018
Consecutively Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2018
See 59-Across The Washington Post 22 Jun 2018
One after another The New Yorker 28 May 2018
Sequentially The Washington Post 02 Dec 2017
Back-to-back - is this the best place to get defensive? Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2017
Where eight might be found as an unbroken sequence The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Mar 2017
One right after the other Newsday 09 Feb 2017
How garden vegetables may be planted New York Times 07 Oct 2016
How pawns are arranged, at first
How police lineup suspects stand
Neatly lined up
Strung together
Lined up single-file
Way to organize all your ducks?
One after the other
Queued up
Like Mistress Mary's maids
Like Mistress Mary's pretty little maids
"And pretty maids all ___"
"Pretty maids all ___"
" . . . maids all ___"
Lined up.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.