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Crossword Clues for INTENT

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Clue Source Date
Engrossed in old wine The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2020
Focused The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2020
Plan where camper will go? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2020
Purpose The Telegraph Quick 04 Sep 2020
Single-minded Newsday 22 Aug 2020
Popular old wine is concentrated The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2020
Desire to be under canvas? The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2020
Purpose, aim Irish Times Simplex 23 Jun 2020
Keen or slow to leave Tinseltown? Irish Times Crosaire 21 May 2020
Engrossed, absorbed Irish Times Simplex 14 May 2020
Popular number two's first aim The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Mar 2020
Motivation Newsday 10 Mar 2020
Sharply focused Premier Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Aim under canvas? The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2019
Aim, purpose Irish Times Simplex 05 Aug 2019
Marked by complete attention to Family Time 08 Jul 2019
Keen or slow to leave Tinsel town? Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jun 2019
Meaning Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2019
Objective Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2019
Where a camper may be determined The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2019
Determined The Telegraph Quick 10 Feb 2019
Keen to be under canvas? The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jan 2019
Purpose, plan Irish Times Simplex 18 Oct 2018
Volition Universal 09 Oct 2018
Firmly fixed, as a gaze USA Today 04 Sep 2018
What manslaughter lacks The Washington Post 22 Apr 2018
Desired outcome Universal 21 Jan 2018
Aim Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2017
Where to find the camper's objective Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2017
Concentrating Thomas Joseph 07 Aug 2017
Object to fashionable cross on square Irish Times Crosaire 14 Apr 2017
Bent (on) Premier Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Hell-bent (on) New York Times 17 Jan 2017
Goal Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2016
Very focused Premier Sunday 12 Jun 2016
Focused on a task Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2016
Motive Newsday 30 Mar 2016
Number engaged in interior design The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Mar 2016
Key concept in criminal law Newsday 13 Dec 2015
It may be hard to prove in court USA Today 01 Dec 2015
Camping set The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2015
Fixed on a purpose The Times Concise 23 Mar 2015
Totally focused Newsday 20 Jan 2015
Robyn "Criminal ___"
Napalm Death "Malicious ___"
Something to be proven in a criminal case
Letter of ___
Manager's purpose
It may be malicious
Hard thing to prove
Deeply focused
Strongly determined
With great focus
It may be hard to prove
Steadfastly fixed
Firmly fixed
What a prosecutor may try to prove
Like some gazes
It can be malicious
Firmly fixed.
Closely occupied.
Anxiously diligent.
Firmly directed.
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