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Crossword Clues for JEDI

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Clue Source Date
Judge backing up leaderless faction -- they're linked to Rebel Alliance The Telegraph Toughie 31 Dec 2019
Baby Yoda, eventually (one presumes) Jonesin 31 Dec 2019
Forceful one? New York Times 30 Nov 2019
Force followers Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2019
'Return of the ___' (Episode VI of 'Star Wars') New York Times 04 Nov 2019
"Return of the ___" (Episode VI of "Star Wars")
'Star Wars' elite USA Today 24 Oct 2019
"Star Wars" knight Universal 10 Oct 2019
Enemies of the Sith USA Today 30 Sep 2019
Luke Skywalker, for one Universal 13 Aug 2019
Knight's the first person in Paris I'd backed The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jun 2019
"Star Wars" warrior Universal 28 May 2019
Obi-Wan Kenobi, for one Universal 23 May 2019
'The Last ___' New York Times 02 May 2019
Knight in a popular film franchise New York Times 26 Apr 2019
Yoda trainee The Washington Post 25 Apr 2019
Sci-fi knight Newsday 18 Apr 2019
'Star Wars' warrior The Washington Post 09 Apr 2019
Some sci-fi rebels The Washington Post Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Forceful people in films turned some characters for inside job The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2019
Empire's foes Thomas Joseph 06 Feb 2019
Luke Skywalker, e.g Universal 31 Jan 2019
Those in an order a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away The Washington Post Sunday 20 Jan 2019
''Star Wars'' protagonist Newsday 18 Jan 2019
"Star Wars" elite
Luke Skywalker, e.g.
"The Last ___"
Student of Yoda USA Today 03 Dec 2018
Some saber wielders New York Times 02 Sep 2018
Sci-fi good guys The Washington Post 24 Aug 2018
Light-ly armed fighter? The Washington Post 01 Aug 2018
Lightsaber wielder New York Times 15 Jul 2018
Obi-Wan, for one The Washington Post 03 Jul 2018
Enemies of the Sith, in sci-fi USA Today 04 May 2018
Disciple of Yoda USA Today 13 Apr 2018
Force-ful one? New York Times 16 Mar 2018
'The Last ___' (2017 space-opera subtitle) The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Mar 2018
'Star Wars: The Last ___' Jonesin 20 Feb 2018
Obi-Wan Kenobi, e.g Premier Sunday 11 Feb 2018
"The Last ___" (2017 space-opera subtitle)
___ knight New York Times 08 Dec 2017
Force user The Washington Post 03 Nov 2017
'Return of the --', 'Star Wars' film The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 Oct 2017
Yoda, e.g New York Times 12 Sep 2017
'Star Wars' knight Eugene Sheffer 31 Aug 2017
Force-ful characters? New York Times 17 Jul 2017
Word in multiple 'Star Wars' titles Jonesin 23 May 2017
Trainee of Yoda USA Today 03 Apr 2017
Revered 'Star Wars' figure New York Times 28 Mar 2017
Skywalker, e.g Jonesin 07 Mar 2017
Yoda, e.g.
Revered "Star Wars" figure
Warrior monk of sci-fi New York Times 02 Nov 2016
Warrior with a lightsaber USA Today 09 Oct 2016
Enemy of the Empire Newsday 01 Oct 2016
Mace Windu, for one Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2016
Protectors of the Galactic Republic The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Sep 2016
Expert in the Force Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2016
User of the Force The Washington Post 02 Aug 2016
Knight at the movies Newsday 28 Aug 2015
Sith foe LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2015
Fictional knight LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2015
George Lucas group LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2015
Yoda, for one
Force figure
Qui-Gon Jinn, notably
Lightsaber wielders in the "Star Wars" series
User of mind tricks
Darth Vader, once
Sci-fi warriors
Group led by a council of 12 Masters
___ Master (title for Yoda)
Lightsaber user
Yoda, notably
Sith foes
"Episode VI" returnee
One who harnesses the power of midi-chlorians
Yoda trainee, eventually
Knights of sci-fi
Knight of sci-fi
Force user?
Obi-Wan Kenobi, e.g.
"Star Wars" good guy
Sith rivals
"Star Wars" hero
Followers of the Force
Sith fighters
Lightsaber maker
Knight trained by Yoda
Noble order whose levels include Padawan, Knight, and Master
One with the Force
"Star Wars" character
"Return of the ___"
Qui-Gon Jinn, for one
Force-driven one?
Empire fighter of film
Wise one
Futuristic knight
"Star Wars" returnees
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.