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Crossword Clues for JOKE

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Clue Source Date
One-liner, for instance Newsday 23 Nov 2020
Speaker's intro, often Newsday 16 Oct 2020
One-liner, e.g Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2020
'What a ___!' New York Times 03 Sep 2020
Gag Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2020
Comic's gag Newsday 29 Jun 2020
One might start with 'Knock knock' USA Today 28 Apr 2020
Routine thing The Washington Post Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Ha-ha New York Times 08 Nov 2019
Jobseeker dropping beers is object of ridicule Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2019
Quip, jest The Times Concise 05 Aug 2019
Stand-up's delivery USA Today 21 Jun 2019
Monologue line Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Word after bad or Dad Jonesin 06 Nov 2018
Fallon monologue bit USA Today 11 Jun 2018
Delivery that may require some setup? The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Jun 2018
Complete embarrassment New York Times 02 Feb 2018
Crack in a cracker The Times Concise 17 Dec 2017
Bit part Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2017
It may start with "A guy walks into a bar . . ." USA Today 04 Dec 2017
Shaggy-dog story similar to 24 down Irish Times Crosaire 23 Oct 2017
*Bit of blue humor New York Times 15 Jun 2017
It may be practical USA Today 27 Apr 2017
"Knock, knock" starts one Family Time 01 Jan 2017
Clown around The Washington Post 19 Dec 2016
Quip The Telegraph Quick 30 Oct 2016
Orator's icebreaker Newsday 27 Oct 2016
Humorous remark The Guardian Quick 16 Jul 2016
Ha-ha elicitor New York Times 11 Jul 2016
Wisecrack The Telegraph Quick 02 Jul 2016
Ridiculously inadequate sort New York Times 09 Jun 2016
Amusing remark The Times Concise 18 May 2016
Laughing matter New York Times 16 Mar 2016
Cause of the giggles USA Today 30 Dec 2015
Comic's currency Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2015
Jest The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2015
Rib-tickler New York Times 31 Aug 2015
One might start 'Knock knock ...' New York Times 23 Mar 2015
One-liner, e.g.
One might start "Knock knock ..."
Knee-slapper, e.g.
Funny line
Comic's one-liner
Henny Youngman delivery
Bit from Goldberg or Hedberg
Bit of banter
One-liner, for one
Bit of funny business
It's bad when nobody gets it
Routine element
It often takes place in a bar
Comic's delivery
Stand-up offering
Routine part
Part of a routine
Monologue bit
It might begin, "Knock knock"
*Stand-up's delivery
Leno line
"A man walks into a bar" story, often
A good one is cracked
81 Down preceder, often
It may begin with "Knock knock"
Kid (around)
Jay Leno offering
Comedy club offering
One may be running over time
Practical thing?
It might be practical
Toastmaster's offering
Cause for winking
Comedian's bit
"A guy walks into a bar ..." may start one
Ridiculously inadequate thing
Comic bit
Be playful
One often takes place in a bar
Knock-knock, for one
"Last Comic Standing" offering
It may start with someone entering a bar
One may begin "Knock knock"
It may be delivered at a nightclub
It's best when cracked
Jay Leno monologue unit
Words of Hope?
Word that may follow the start of 20-, 25-, 44- or 50-Across
Friars Club offering
One-liner, for example
It may be practical or delivered in a nightclub
Throwaway, maybe
Roast fodder
Part of a stand-up routine
Stand-up staple
It may begin with a buildup
Bit of a laughing stock?
It can be practical
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