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Crossword Clues for KNIFE

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Clue Source Date
Piece of cutlery The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2020
Swiss Army ___ New York Times 26 Oct 2020
Surgical tool New York Times 20 Oct 2020
Bowie's weapon LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2020
Bladed instrument The Telegraph Quick 07 Aug 2020
Chopper New York Times 01 Aug 2020
Sharp cutlery item The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
One taken up by chef in kitchen The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
Cutter The Times Concise 15 Jun 2020
Word with bread or butter The Washington Post 03 May 2020
One making the cut? The Sun Two Speed 18 Apr 2020
Steak cutter Newsday 25 Feb 2020
Blade The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2020
Kitchen tool Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2020
Roast carver The Washington Post 20 Nov 2019
Cutlery piece Thomas Joseph 21 Oct 2019
Cocktail is fine - possibly it will take the edge off Irish Times Crosaire 26 Sep 2019
Butter spreader Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2019
Dagger Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2019
Butlers have a stand for it Newsday 03 Aug 2019
Scout Shop purchase Newsday 18 May 2019
Makeshift potato peeler Universal 15 May 2019
Sharp tool The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2019
Cutting tool Irish Times Simplex 23 Apr 2019
Potential weapon provided in joint, sawn off The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Apr 2019
One of a kitchen set New York Times 06 Apr 2019
Cutler's product USA Today 29 Mar 2019
Kitchen cutter Newsday 12 Mar 2019
Item in a kitchen block The Washington Post 30 Jan 2019
Clue weapon
Carver with some beef in kitchen to be served up The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Dec 2018
Article of cutlery The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
With 63 Across, bag for chefs Newsday 01 Dec 2018
Chef's cutter The Washington Post 20 Nov 2018
Cutting implement The Times Concise 20 Sep 2018
What's taken up by chef in kitchen? The Sun Two Speed 16 Jun 2018
Whittler's tool USA Today 22 May 2018
See 58-Across The Washington Post 01 May 2018
Cutlery unit Universal 12 Apr 2018
Stab The Telegraph Quick 24 Jan 2018
Word with "putty" or "butter" Universal 11 Jan 2018
Steakhouse utensil USA Today 30 Oct 2017
Big no-no at a T.S.A. checkpoint New York Times 13 Oct 2017
Item with a 39-Across New York Times 30 Aug 2017
Certain utensil Universal 31 May 2017
Butter-spreading utensil Newsday 22 May 2017
See 1-Across New York Times 22 May 2017
Chef's tool Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2017
Steak eater's utensil Newsday 29 Nov 2016
US sneak up on base to attack The Telegraph Toughie 14 Oct 2016
Thing with a fork and spoon Family Time 09 Oct 2016
Stab unpleasant person going back east The Telegraph Toughie 22 Sep 2016
Word with bread and butter LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2016
'Mack the ___' The Washington Post 07 Jun 2016
Weapon that's fine to change after end of week The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Mar 2016
Switchblade, e.g New York Times 11 Jan 2016
Switchblade, e.g.
Lethal weapon The Guardian Speedy 13 Dec 2015
One of those on edge is possibly a bit buttery and is bound to cut ties Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2015
Item of cutlery The Times Concise 01 Jun 2015
Switchblade Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2015
It makes the cut Universal 31 Jan 2015
Prop for Crocodile Dundee
Part of a place setting
It's sharp and flat
Place-setting piece
Piece in a place setting
Fork go-with
"Clue" weapon
Weapon in the game Clue
Word with "steak" or "paring"
Sharp Grizzly Bear song?
San Diego band No ___
Weapon in Clue
Ersatz letter opener
Swiss Army __
Flatware cutter
Cutting instrument
Table setting piece
It can be scary to go under this
Theme of the puzzle
Deboner, e.g.
Butter cutter
Tarzan's weapon
Steak-cutting utensil
Dinner __
Word with steak or bread
Piece of dinnerware
Bowie follower
It may be drawn to scale?
Clasp or boning
Bowie or jack
Airport no-no
Whittling tool
Bolo, for one
Jam spreader
Item confiscated at an airport
Word after butter or steak
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.