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Crossword Clues for LAPEL

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Clue Source Date
Tuxedo's collar fold Newsday 02 Dec 2020
Part of a jacket The Times Concise 15 Oct 2020
Stylish flap LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Place for a pin Newsday 23 Aug 2020
Place for a patriotic pin Universal 04 Aug 2020
Jacket flap The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2020
Copy between lines, collaring part The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2020
Flag pin site Universal 31 Mar 2020
Pin place USA Today 29 Feb 2020
Suit coat feature
Pin point The Washington Post Sunday 01 Dec 2019
Suit part sometimes grabbed The Washington Post 31 Oct 2019
Something a Mao suit lacks New York Times 28 Sep 2019
Flap of a sport coat Newsday 27 Aug 2019
Pin point? New York Times 27 Aug 2019
Mic spot The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Place for a stickpin Newsday 26 Jun 2019
Pin's place Family Time 02 Jun 2019
Where many a mike is placed Newsday 31 May 2019
Place to pin a pink ribbon New York Times 15 Apr 2019
Part of a jacket where a hands-free mic is attached New York Times 01 Apr 2019
Flag pin spot Universal 21 Mar 2019
Place for a carnation Newsday 17 Mar 2019
Jacket flap, pale, tailored to length The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2019
Collar part The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2019
Clip-on mic's place USA Today 18 Jan 2019
Where you'll see spray surround English lake The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2018
Jacket part Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2018
Flap on jacket The Telegraph Quick 16 Nov 2018
Place for a campaign button The Washington Post 30 Oct 2018
Place for a flag pin USA Today 08 Oct 2018
Flap on a blazer USA Today 07 Sep 2018
Some flap elevated on jacket? The Sun Two Speed 30 Aug 2018
Boutonniere site The Washington Post 20 Aug 2018
Coat feature Universal 06 Aug 2018
Place to put an American flag pin New York Times 23 Jul 2018
Boutonniere's spot New York Times 22 Jun 2018
Coat part Universal 29 May 2018
Buttonhole's placement Universal 20 May 2018
Suit part Canadiana 14 May 2018
Sports coat feature Newsday 15 Apr 2018
Carnation location USA Today 12 Mar 2018
It's often buttonholed Universal 20 Feb 2018
Place for a miniature flag New York Times 09 Feb 2018
Sportcoat flap Newsday 03 Oct 2017
Sartorial feature of primate in two lines The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2017
Fashion flap The Washington Post 22 Jun 2017
It may hold a flag pin Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2017
Campaign button spot Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2017
Place for a boutonniere The Washington Post 27 Feb 2017
Place for a tiny flag Universal 16 Feb 2017
Flag pin's place USA Today 18 Jan 2017
Boutonniere spot USA Today 04 Jan 2017
Big flap in the fashion industry New York Times 05 Nov 2016
Stickpin site Premier Sunday 16 Oct 2016
Place for a clip-on mike Universal 01 Aug 2016
Place for a buttonhole Universal 26 Jul 2016
Tailors essentially copy line for part of jacket The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2015
Boutonniere setting Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Part of 28-Down USA Today 30 Aug 2015
Blazer part Thomas Joseph 31 Jul 2015
Carnation setting USA Today 10 Jun 2015
Coat collar fold USA Today 26 May 2015
Collar partly tailored from chinchilla pelt The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2015
Coat flap Premier Sunday 15 Mar 2015
Boutonniere's place New York Times 22 Feb 2015
Jacket feature USA Today 18 Jan 2015
Place to pin a corsage
Flap in the fashion industry
Carnation site
Carnation holder
Name tag location
Flap of fashion
Place for some pins
Carnation spot
Zoot suit feature
Suit jacket feature
Spot for a boutonniere
Place to pin a squirting flower
Hands-free microphone's place
Big flap in 1970s fashion?
Awareness ribbon's place
Place to pin a tiny flag
It went wide in the disco era
Sports jacket feature
Microphone spot, at times
Where to pin a pin
Sport-coat flap
Wide zoot suit feature
Mike's place
Dinner jacket part
Place for a small flag
Collar extension
Garment industry flap
Sport coat feature
It's sometimes grabbed
Mike's spot
Flag pin's spot
Nehru jacket's lack
Buttonholer's target, perhaps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.