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Crossword Clues for LASIK

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Clue Source Date
Ophthalmological acronym Newsday 04 Dec 2020
Elective eye surgery New York Times 09 Nov 2020
What the eyes may have? The Washington Post 10 Oct 2020
Fix for shortsightedness New York Times 21 May 2020
Vision-improving surgery Universal 22 Apr 2020
Vision correction acronym Newsday 26 Mar 2020
Surgery to improve how you look? New York Times 27 Feb 2020
Eye surgery acronym The Washington Post 24 Feb 2020
Sight sharpener The Washington Post 15 Feb 2020
Hi-tech eye surgery USA Today 03 Nov 2019
High-tech eye surgery The Washington Post 14 Oct 2019
Vision correction surgery USA Today 12 Sep 2019
Vision improvement procedure Newsday 28 Jul 2019
Vision-improvement acronym Newsday 21 Jul 2019
Cornea-reshaping procedure USA Today 21 Jul 2019
Cornea-reshaping surgery The Washington Post 07 Mar 2019
Vision-correcting procedure Wall Street Journal 07 Jan 2019
Option for treating a refractive error The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Vision-correction acronym Newsday 29 Jul 2018
Eye surgery Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2018
Type of eye surgery Premier Sunday 22 Apr 2018
Vision-correcting acronym Newsday 17 Dec 2017
Myopia-correcting surgery USA Today 21 Jul 2017
It can help you look better Wall Street Journal 06 May 2017
Vision-correcting surgery LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2016
Ophthalmologist's procedure LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2016
Vision improver Newsday 24 Jul 2016
Procedure improving one's looks? New York Times 23 Jul 2016
Surgery to improve your looks? Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Vision-correcting option Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2016
Surgical procedure that can improve the way you look? The Washington Post 08 Feb 2016
Myopia corrective procedure The Washington Post 22 Jan 2016
Corneal surgery type Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2015
Type of refractive surgery LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Kind of surgery New York Times 14 Mar 2015
Surgery acronym LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2015
Corrective eye surgery Jonesin 15 Jan 2015
Big name in vision correction LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2015
Vision-improvement procedure
High-tech myopia remedy
Kind of eye surgery
Eye surgery option
Vision correcting procedure
It helps you see things more clearly
Shortsighted solution?
Eye surgery technique
Eye-reshaping procedure
Refractive eye surgery
Glasses alternative, sometimes
Kind of surgery for the eyes
Reshaping surgery that will improve your looks?
Eye surgery trade name
Surgery improving one's looks?
Cornea-altering procedure
Modern eye procedure
Contacts alternative
Hi-tech vision-improving procedure
Eye surgery procedure
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.