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Crossword Clues for LAV

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Clue Source Date
Restroom, for short Eugene Sheffer 16 Nov 2020
Washroom, briefly Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2020
Loo LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2020
Washroom, in Worcester New York Times 03 Nov 2020
Bathroom for a Brit Universal 29 Oct 2020
Little head? The Washington Post Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Bathroom in Tel Aviv? The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Place for a pit stop Newsday 04 Jul 2020
Smallest room in villa vacated The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2020
Head, for short The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Shrunken head? New York Times 18 Apr 2020
Can Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2020
Loo (abbr.) The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Convenience located in local avenue The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Restroom, informally Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2020
Loo (informal) The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2020
Gents perhaps in Tel Aviv The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2020
London washroom Newsday 15 Dec 2019
Smallest room in Villa Veneziano The Sun Two Speed 26 Jun 2019
Brit's bathroom Universal 07 Apr 2019
Brit's facilities The Washington Post 07 Feb 2019
Washroom, informally New York Times 23 Jan 2019
Restroom, briefly Universal 22 Jan 2019
Bathroom, in brief Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2018
John, for short The Washington Post Sunday 30 Dec 2018
Restroom, cut Universal 16 Dec 2018
British washroom The Washington Post 16 Oct 2018
British restroom Family Time 23 Sep 2018
Short john? Universal 28 Jul 2018
John New York Times 27 Mar 2018
Bathroom, briefly USA Today 30 Jan 2018
Washroom, so to speak Newsday 19 Jan 2018
WC The Washington Post 30 Nov 2017
Brit's pit stop The Washington Post 22 Feb 2017
Loo, for short New York Times 05 Feb 2017
Washroom, casually USA Today 29 Jan 2017
'Facilities,' informally New York Times 25 Oct 2016
Where a Brit may powder her nose LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2016
Washroom, in brief Newsday 24 Apr 2016
Water closet Premier Sunday 20 Mar 2016
Head Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2016
Where many people solve crosswords, for short New York Times 20 Jan 2016
Place to go, for short New York Times 15 Jan 2016
"Facilities," informally
Washroom, for short Universal 14 Nov 2015
Abbreviated john? Universal 17 Aug 2015
Pit-stop place, briefly Universal 11 May 2015
Shortened restroom? Universal 09 Apr 2015
Pit-stop place Newsday 14 Mar 2015
Brief facilities? LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2015
Place to wash up, briefly Universal 19 Feb 2015
Mount Doom product
Room on a plane
Little john?
Brit's washroom
Welsh washroom
Loo, briefly
Where you gotta go?
Facilities, for short
Water closet, informally
Head at the Elephant & Castle
Place to wash up
Facilities, informally
Washing place
Head that's been cut off?
Head of London?
Bathroom, casually
Facilities, in brief
Room that might say "Gents" on the door
Facilities, briefly
Bathroom, for short
Short head?
Washroom: Abbr.
Washroom: abbr.
Wash basin: Abbr.
Throne of England
Small can?
Place to make a pit stop?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.