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Crossword Clues for LEIA

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Clue Source Date
Luke's sister Universal 17 Oct 2020
Princess played by Carrie Fisher Universal 16 Oct 2020
'The Last Jedi' general USA Today 30 Sep 2020
Princess in "Star Wars" Universal 29 Sep 2020
General in the rebel resistance Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2020
"Star Wars" princess Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2020
'Star Wars' heroine USA Today 30 Aug 2020
General in "Star Wars" sequels Universal 29 Aug 2020
Sci-fi general New York Times 10 Jul 2020
''You're my only hope'' speaker in a '77 film Newsday 04 Jul 2020
Carrie Fisher 6-Down Jonesin 23 Jun 2020
'Star Wars' princess USA Today 18 May 2020
Mother of 60-Down New York Times 10 May 2020
Parent of Ben Solo USA Today 01 May 2020
She shared an awkward kiss with Luke Universal 26 Apr 2020
''The Last Jedi'' commander Newsday 02 Apr 2020
Princess Organa New York Times 25 Mar 2020
"Star Wars" twin sister LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2020
'Star Wars' twin sister The Washington Post 24 Mar 2020
Princess of Alderaan Universal 23 Mar 2020
Princess in a galaxy far, far away New York Times 23 Feb 2020
Sci-fi princess helping lead the Rebel Alliance New York Times 27 Jan 2020
"Star Wars" general Organa Universal 30 Dec 2019
Luke's cinematic sister The Washington Post Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Rebel Alliance princess Universal 02 Dec 2019
Sister of Luke The Washington Post 10 Nov 2019
Sci-fi rebel The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Captive of Jabba the Hutt USA Today 13 Oct 2019
Princess enslaved by Jabba the Hutt USA Today 12 Sep 2019
Friend of Luke and Han Thomas Joseph 26 Aug 2019
Sister of Luke, in sci-fi Premier Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Classic role for Carrie The Washington Post 09 Aug 2019
Princess whose brother is not a prince New York Times 08 Aug 2019
''Star Wars'' princess and general Newsday 04 Aug 2019
"Star Wars" heroine LA Times Daily 29 Jul 2019
''Star Wars'' royalty Newsday 30 Jun 2019
Sci-fi princess Universal 17 Jun 2019
'Star Wars' royal Eugene Sheffer 14 Jun 2019
Film heroine who says 'Somebody has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, flyboy' New York Times 02 Jun 2019
Princess who makes a plea via a hologram New York Times 26 May 2019
Princess, senator and general of film Wall Street Journal 25 May 2019
Longtime Carrie Fisher role Universal 23 May 2019
Film princess who became a general Universal 27 Apr 2019
Han Solo's love USA Today 13 Apr 2019
Frequently cosplayed sci-fi character New York Times 11 Apr 2019
Princess born on the planetoid Polis Massa Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2019
''Last Jedi'' general Newsday 03 Mar 2019
R2-D2's princess Universal 23 Feb 2019
She kills Jabba the Hutt
Mother of Kylo Ren
Film heroine who says "Somebody has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, flyboy"
Princess who became a general Jonesin 25 Dec 2018
''Star Wars'' princess Newsday 17 Dec 2018
Alderaan royal The New Yorker 12 Nov 2018
Princess who says 'I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board' New York Times 28 Oct 2018
Troubles New York Times 30 Sep 2018
''The Last Jedi'' general Newsday 09 Sep 2018
Sci-fi princess with a twin brother The Washington Post 05 Sep 2018
Princess of sci-fi USA Today 16 Jul 2018
Ben Solo's mother Newsday 08 Jun 2018
Her first scene is with R2-D2 New York Times 29 May 2018
Sci-fi love of 105 Across The Washington Post Sunday 20 May 2018
Sci-fi royal Jonesin 15 May 2018
'Star Wars' saga fixture The Washington Post 08 Apr 2018
"Star Wars" saga fixture LA Times Daily 08 Apr 2018
"The Last Jedi" general LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2018
Luke's sci-fi sister Newsday 25 Jan 2018
Daughter of 20-Across Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2018
'The Last Jedi' character Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2018
Princess who says "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board"
Daughter of Anakin and Padmé
Kylo's mom in 'The Force Awakens' The Washington Post 11 Nov 2017
Kylo's mom in "The Force Awakens" LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2017
Organa family royal The Washington Post 26 Oct 2017
Princess with a twin brother The Washington Post 15 Oct 2017
Princess from Alderaan The Washington Post 01 Oct 2017
Kylo Ren's mother Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2017
Darth Vader's daughter Newsday 15 Jun 2017
Cameo role at the end of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' New York Times 25 May 2017
20-Across princess USA Today 15 May 2017
Daughter of Darth Vader USA Today 10 Apr 2017
''Star Wars: Episode III'' baby Newsday 06 Apr 2017
Han's love Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2017
Anakin Solo's mom Newsday 03 Mar 2017
Princess of film franchise fame Wall Street Journal 28 Feb 2017
___ Organa ('Star Wars' princess) New York Times 21 Feb 2017
Luke's sister in "Star Wars" USA Today 30 Jan 2017
___ Organa ("Star Wars" princess)
Cameo role at the end of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
Resistance leader of films Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2016
Carrie character Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2016
Luke's sister in 'Star Wars' The Washington Post 19 Nov 2016
'Return of the Jedi' princess Jonesin 08 Nov 2016
General Organa in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2016
''The Force Awakens'' general Newsday 11 Aug 2016
Senator Bail Organa's adopted daughter LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2016
Princess with a twin New York Times 07 Aug 2016
She has a large Wookieepedia entry The Washington Post 31 Jul 2016
General in 'The Force Awakens' Wall Street Journal 23 Jul 2016
"The Force Awakens" general Universal 05 May 2016
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.