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Crossword Clues for LENIENT

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Clue Source Date
Tolerant of a German Rising in a period before Easter Irish Times Crosaire 10 Oct 2020
Tolerant attitude initially overlooked in books on the French The Telegraph Toughie 07 Oct 2020
Light inside regularly seen in time before Easter The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Sep 2020
Not severe The Sun Two Speed 16 Aug 2020
Nine let out: that's compassionate The Sun Two Speed 16 Aug 2020
Not exacting The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Merciful, tolerant The Times Concise 24 Jun 2020
Tolerant; not strict The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2020
Merciful The Telegraph Quick 15 May 2020
Soft-hearted The Telegraph Quick 08 May 2020
Tolerant The Telegraph Quick 01 May 2020
Linnet flying round east not tough The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2020
Sparing space within rocky inlet The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2020
Permissive Canadiana 13 Jan 2020
Opposite of draconian The Washington Post Sunday 17 Nov 2019
Too easy Newsday 29 Mar 2019
Mild mid-evening in days before Easter The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2019
Mild The New Yorker 26 Nov 2018
Soft on the rules Irish Times Simplex 06 Nov 2018
Not strict Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2018
Net and line in tangle, which is merciful The Sun Two Speed 11 Sep 2018
Lax Premier Sunday 29 Jul 2018
Far from stern Newsday 06 Jul 2018
Nile net loosened — that's merciful The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2018
Clement The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2018
Nine let off — that's compassionate The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2018
Soft Newsday 31 Mar 2018
Tolerant, let nine off The Sun Two Speed 13 Jan 2018
'Merciful' — based on a Latin word meaning to soothe The Times Specialist Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Showing mercy USA Today 30 Oct 2017
Unusually short, as a prison sentence USA Today 23 Oct 2017
Fast eating that is initially not sparing The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jun 2017
Tolerant type of revolutionary welcomes note backing riot Irish Times Crosaire 24 Dec 2016
Mild disagreement from Becker over stopping obstructed serve The Telegraph Toughie 16 Sep 2016
Forgiving, soft The Telegraph Quick 13 Jul 2016
Not at all harsh Universal 17 Mar 2016
Forbearing The Guardian Quick 05 Mar 2016
Forgiving Russian leader neglecting latest new hospital department The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2016
Soft Communist embracing European Trot's conclusion The Times Cryptic 06 Jan 2016
The opposite of harsh Family Time 30 Aug 2015
Mid-evening in days before Easter can be quite mild The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Aug 2015
Tolerant flower covers Ulster alongside half the mint Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2015
Unevenly lie on linen, not soft The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jan 2015
Not tough
Not at all strict
Inclined to look the other way
Willing to let things slide
Showing clemency
Likely to bend
Far from strict
Soft, in a way
Unlike a martinet
More likely to bend
Sparing the rod
Inclined to look other way
Hardly a martinet
Not too tough
Far from stern.
Ready to forgive.
Inclined to mercy.
Tempered with mercy.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.