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Crossword Clues for LEVEE

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Clue Source Date
Flood deterrent The Washington Post 10 Jun 2020
Flood blocker New York Times 18 May 2020
It holds water Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
Riverside structure USA Today 04 Apr 2020
Flood-preventing barrier USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Mississippi sight The Washington Post 21 Feb 2020
Bank construction The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Flood protection Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2019
River's flood barrier Newsday 09 Dec 2019
Protective river embankment The Washington Post 27 Aug 2019
Flood control Premier Sunday 14 Jul 2019
(Artificially strengthened) river bank The Guardian Speedy 30 Jun 2019
Riverbank flood blocker Newsday 24 Jun 2019
Flood barrier Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Artificial embankment The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2019
Riverbank structure USA Today 20 Apr 2019
Protective bank New York Times 03 Mar 2019
New Orleans protector Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2019
Current inhibitor Newsday 05 Jan 2019
Protective embankment The Washington Post 13 Nov 2018
Dike's kin Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2018
River embankment Newsday 22 Oct 2018
Surge protector? The Washington Post 03 Oct 2018
Bank built for a rainy day The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Embankment Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2018
Dyke Canadiana 23 Jul 2018
Mississippi bank Universal 21 Jul 2018
River barrier The Washington Post Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Chevy destination, in 'American Pie' USA Today 15 Jun 2018
Flood controller Universal 26 May 2018
Flood fighter
Flood prevention barrier
Chevy destination, in "American Pie"
Chevy's destination, in "American Pie" USA Today 07 Dec 2017
'Drove my Chevy to the ___ ...' ('American Pie' lyric) New York Times 20 Nov 2017
Construction beside some banks Newsday 06 Nov 2017
Surge protector of a sort Newsday 11 Aug 2017
Bank protection The Washington Post 18 Jun 2017
Flood control structure Premier Sunday 18 Jun 2017
Flood-protection embankment Universal 10 May 2017
Flood preventer Universal 27 Apr 2017
Bank insurance? The Washington Post 23 Apr 2017
Bank security feature? Universal 23 Apr 2017
Flood zone structure USA Today 23 Mar 2017
Flood stopper Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2017
Anti-flooding embankment Universal 02 Feb 2017
It provides bank security? Universal 27 Jan 2017
Type of embankment to which the Chevy was driven, in 'American Pie' The Washington Post 20 Jan 2017
"Drove my Chevy to the ___ ..." ("American Pie" lyric)
"Drove my Chevy to the __": "American Pie" lyric LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2016
Flood control embankment Universal 13 Nov 2016
Riverside embankment Universal 29 Sep 2016
Bank The Telegraph Quick 29 Jul 2016
Anti-flood structure USA Today 11 Jul 2016
New Orleans feature LA Times Daily 26 May 2016
New Orleans embankment Universal 13 May 2016
Flood embankment The Times Concise 23 Feb 2016
River's border, sometimes Universal 03 Feb 2016
Flood-control structure Universal 13 Jan 2016
Flood foiler Universal 26 Dec 2015
Left most of the uniform on middle shelf for bank manager perhaps? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2015
Flood defense USA Today 07 Sep 2015
Artificial riverside embankment The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Jun 2015
Bank to rely on New York Times 31 May 2015
Chevy's "American Pie" destination LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2015
Kind of embankment Universal 23 Mar 2015
Flood inhibitor USA Today 16 Feb 2015
Mississippi River feature Universal 11 Jan 2015
What Don McLean drove his Chevy to
Flood prevention embankment
Flood preventative
Water container?
Earthen dike
Zep "Mean old ___ taught me to weep and moan"
"Drove my Chevy to the ___"
Breaking point?
River blocker
Structure with high-water marks
Bad place for a breach
It's dry in "American Pie"
If it breaks, things get wet
Bank that may be created by the government
Bank that deters flooding
Sight along the Mississippi
Embankment down by the riverside
A bank may have one
Led Zep "When the ___ breaks, mama, you got to move"
Led Zep "When the ___ Breaks"
"When the ___ breaks I'll have no place to stay"
Bad thing to be breached
Flood protector
NOLA protector
Flooding preventer
Place for Don McLean's Chevy
Embankment designed to prevent flooding
What "broke" for Zeppelin
Corps of Engineers project
Bank support?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.