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Crossword Clues for LILI

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Clue Source Date
Actress Taylor New York Times 01 Nov 2020
Taylor of "Six Feet Under" LA Times Daily 30 May 2020
Taylor of 'Six Feet Under' The Washington Post 30 May 2020
Leslie Caron film Eugene Sheffer 24 Mar 2020
Taylor of 'Mystic Pizza' The Washington Post 24 Feb 2020
Taylor of "Mystic Pizza" LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2020
1953 Leslie Caron film Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Title 16-Across for Leslie Caron USA Today 03 Oct 2019
Taylor of 'Ransom' The Washington Post Sunday 01 Sep 2019
Taylor of 'American Crime' USA Today 12 Jan 2019
Leslie Caron title role USA Today 06 Jan 2019
1953 Leslie Caron movie
Taylor of "American Crime"
Leslie Caron title role of 1953 USA Today 02 Nov 2018
1953 Leslie Caron title role New York Times 30 May 2018
Caron title role Eugene Sheffer 26 May 2018
Taylor of 'Public Enemies' New York Times 17 May 2018
Taylor of "Public Enemies"
Actress Taylor of 'Mystic Pizza' New York Times 28 Nov 2017
1953 Leslie Caron musical USA Today 28 Oct 2017
Actress Taylor of 'High Fidelity' Jonesin 28 Mar 2017
Leslie Caron musical film Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
Actress Taylor of "Mystic Pizza"
Taylor of "Say Anything..." LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2016
1953 Caron title role USA Today 17 Jul 2016
Leslie Caron musical The Washington Post 02 Apr 2016
Taylor of ABC's 'American Crime' Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2016
Taylor of 'Almost Human' Eugene Sheffer 13 Nov 2015
Leslie Caron film that was the basis for Broadway's 'Carnival!' Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2015
1953 Caron film LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2015
Leslie Caron film that was the basis for Broadway's "Carnival!"
1953 Leslie Caron role
Taylor in films
Caron film of '53
Film on which Broadway's "Carnival" was based
"Darling ___" (Julie Andrews movie)
Actress Taylor of "The Conjuring"
1953 MGM musical
Taylor or St. Cyr
Taylor on "Six Feet Under"
Oscar-nominated role for Leslie Caron
Title role for Leslie Caron
Title French orphan of film
Taylor of "Say Anything ..."
Actress Taylor of "Six Feet Under"
"Hi-__, Hi-Lo"
Leslie Caron vehicle
1953 film that got a Best Actress nomination
Caron role
Stripper St. Cyr
Taylor of "The Haunting"
"I Shot Andy Warhol" actress Taylor
1953 Original Music Score Oscar-winning film
Leslie Caron movie
Leslie Caron film of 1953
1953 Best Original Score winner
"I Shot Andy Warhol" star Taylor
Destructive hurricane of 2002
"Hi-__-Hi-Lo" ('50s tune)
"Hi-__ Hi-Lo"
"Darling" of film
Taylor of 'I Shot Andy Warhol'
"___ Marlene" (W.W. II song)
"___ Marlene" (W.W. II love song)
1953 film later staged as "Carnival"
Leslie Caron role
Taylor of "Mystic Pizza"
French orphan of film
MGM musical of 1953
1953 title role for Leslie Caron
"___ Marlene" (World War II song)
"___ Marlene"
"___ Marleen" (German love song)
French girl in a classic MGM musical
Actress Taylor of "Ransom"
1953 Mel Ferrer musical
Powerful 2002 hurricane
1953 role for Leslie Caron
Taylor of "Ransom"
Film that earned Leslie Caron an Oscar nomination
Role for Leslie Caron
Caron title role of 1953
1953 Caron role
Taylor of "Factotum"
"The Haunting" star Taylor
"Ransom" actress Taylor
"__ Marlene" (1941 tune)
Marlene Dietrich's nickname
1953 Caron musical
"___ Marlene," song of 1944
Taylor of "I Shot Andy Warhol"
"__ Marlene"
Actress Palmer
Role for Leslie
Indie actress Taylor
"___ Marleen"
Dietrich's Marlene
"Darling ___" (Julie Andrews)
Role for 25 Across
"Hi-___, Hi-Lo" (1953 hit)
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.