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Crossword Clues for LINER

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Clue Source Date
Sharply hit ball Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2020
Boat that's a joke following one The Telegraph Toughie 16 Sep 2020
Crafty type raises some children illuminatingly Irish Times Crosaire 15 Sep 2020
Eye makeup New York Times 07 Sep 2020
Cruise ship Newsday 02 Sep 2020
Vessel in employment on river The Sun Two Speed 11 Aug 2020
Hard hit, in baseball lingo New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Cruise ship's tarry? Not good! The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2020
Sable brush used by coach painters The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Jul 2020
Diamond smash The Washington Post 12 Jul 2020
Big ship LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
Hard-hit batted ball LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Commercial ship The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2020
Large passenger ship The Times Concise 20 Mar 2020
Oceangoing ship USA Today 18 Mar 2020
Refuse to be carried in this cruise ship? The Sun Two Speed 05 Mar 2020
Passenger vessel The Sun Two Speed 05 Mar 2020
Rubbish to be conveyed in this ship? The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2019
Cruise ship in winding Nile river The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2019
The Titanic, e.g Wall Street Journal 08 Oct 2019
Trash carried in this passenger vessel The Sun Two Speed 09 Jul 2019
Winter coat feature USA Today 29 Jun 2019
Cruise vessel Newsday 25 Jun 2019
Ocean transport Universal 12 Apr 2019
Record holder The Washington Post 07 Apr 2019
Cruise ship damaged Nile River The Sun Two Speed 26 Feb 2019
Bar regularly open for those going abroad Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2019
The Titanic, e.g.
Having lost gallons, wait around for vessel The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2018
Hard smash on the diamond USA Today 25 Nov 2018
Passenger ship The Times Concise 06 Sep 2018
Refuse to be enclosed in this cruise ship? The Sun Two Speed 29 Aug 2018
Port vessel The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Business located on river vessel The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2018
Batter's low hit Thomas Joseph 02 Mar 2018
Huge water crosser Universal 28 Jan 2018
Huge ocean vessel Universal 30 Dec 2017
Old railway company possesses single means of transport The Telegraph Toughie 26 Oct 2017
Hang around having abandoned good ship The Telegraph Toughie 07 Sep 2017
Well-hit ball Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2017
Hard-hit baseball The Washington Post 27 Jun 2017
Cosmetic that's put in bin The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jun 2017
Trash can insert USA Today 12 May 2017
Queen Mary? Nothing upset Her Majesty The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Apr 2017
Big boat Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2017
Certain cosmetic Newsday 16 Feb 2017
Boat with internal cover The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2016
Berlin eradicated cover for shipments Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2016
Winter jacket feature Universal 16 Nov 2016
Huge ship Universal 18 Oct 2016
Left aboard Queen Elizabeth or similar The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2016
Passenger ship connecting Dublin-Eritrea? Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2016
Ocean vessel Universal 27 Aug 2016
'Frozen rope,' in baseball Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2016
Form of Nile river transport? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Aug 2016
Big ship creating a queue on river The Times Cryptic 17 Jul 2016
Vessel sunk in Channel in error The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2016
Large passenger-ship Irish Times Simplex 11 Jun 2016
Swimming pool part USA Today 22 May 2016
Carnival craft Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2016
Large ocean vessel Universal 23 Jan 2016
Row on river making for ship The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2015
Heckuva big boat USA Today 15 Sep 2015
Lid or lip application USA Today 02 Aug 2015
QE2, e.g Universal 20 Jul 2015
Eye emphasizer USA Today 11 Jun 2015
Ship with staterooms LA Times Daily 19 May 2015
Eye enhancer USA Today 18 May 2015
Sharply hit baseball USA Today 06 Apr 2015
Luxury ship Universal 01 Apr 2015
Queue to get on river vessel The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2015
Inside of a winter jacket Family Time 12 Jan 2015
QE2, e.g.
Ball hit on the screws
Eyelid makeup
Hard-hit ball
Winter jacket part
One-___ (brief joke)
Eyelid application
Hit most likely to start an unassisted triple play
Trash-can insert
Jacket part
Grease pencil
It sometimes results in a double play
The Lusitania, e.g.
Smash over the infield, say
Garbage can insert
Word after one, ocean, or eye
Cosmetic used for a "cat eye" look
Album jacket
Baseball "rope"
Large steamship
Titanic, e.g.
Frozen rope, in baseball
Raincoat insert
It might zip in and zip out
It's usually a hit
Eye shadow go-with
Tough hit for an infielder
The QE2, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.