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Crossword Clues for LOADS

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Clue Source Date
Large amounts LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2020
Ore deposits* Newsday 02 Oct 2020
Laundry piles Jonesin 28 Jul 2020
Units of laundry USA Today 05 May 2020
A bunch Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2020
Prepares to shoot USA Today 26 Jul 2019
Fills, as a washer Universal 20 Mar 2019
A lot Thomas Joseph 09 Nov 2018
Freight in transit Newsday 19 May 2017
Oodles The Chronicle of Higher Education 31 Mar 2017
Many hungry young men in effect The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jan 2017
Lots, to a semi truck driver? Universal 08 Dec 2016
Masses; cargoes The Times Concise 24 Nov 2016
Cargo quantities Newsday 20 Sep 2016
Burdens, cargoes Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2016
Lots of burdens The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2015
Burdens The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2015
Puts in, as film The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Dec 2015
Readies, as a rifle Universal 20 Nov 2015
Washer/dryer units? Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Quantities of laundry Newsday 18 Aug 2015
Washing-machine quantities Newsday 30 Jun 2015
Washing jobs USA Today 14 Apr 2015
Mutual fund charges Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2015
Plenty LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2015
What stagehand does
Washday units
Trucker's units
Great deal
Batches of laundry
Adds shells to, e.g.
Laundromat units
A whole bunch
Laundry units
Wash-dry units
Lots of CDs
Large quantities
A 111-Down
Does some stevedoring
What a roadie does
Launderers' burdens
Prepares a cannon
Gets charged up?
Truckers' quantities
Laundromat fodder
Freight hauls
Washing units
Fills, as a truck
Washer fillers
A whole lot
A ton
Wagon fillers
Washing machine units
Prepares for target practice
What holds hold
Places in a truck
Whole bunch
Fills, as a camera
Inserts, as a cartridge
Armsful, e.g.
A great number
A great deal
A heap
Very much
Mutual fund commissions
Guiding principle: Var.
Bank transactions
Fills up
Washday bundles
Prepares for a skeet shoot
Puts in film
Piles on
"Thanks ___!"
Places a burden upon
Fills a truck
Colt charges
"Thanks ___"
Great amount: Colloq.
Puts into a carrier.
A lot: Colloq.
A great amount: Colloq.
Great quantity: Colloq.
Laundry room sights
Laundry day sorting
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.