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Crossword Clues for LOIS

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Clue Source Date
Daily Planet name LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2020
"Superman" journalist Lane Universal 10 Nov 2020
Clark's coworker The Washington Post 26 Oct 2020
"Hi and ___" (comic strip) Family Time 18 Oct 2020
Fictional reporter Lane USA Today 16 Oct 2020
'The Giver' author Lowry USA Today 05 Sep 2020
Metropolis reporter Lane USA Today 24 Jul 2020
'Number the Stars' author Lowry USA Today 07 Jul 2020
''Action Comics'' bride of 1978 Newsday 20 Jun 2020
Author Lowry USA Today 17 Jun 2020
Clark's co-worker Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2020
Name that sounds ''mos' reasonable'' Newsday 11 Apr 2020
Clark's colleague Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2020
"Superman" character Lane Universal 06 Mar 2020
Comic strip title character who is Beetle Bailey's sister New York Times 26 Dec 2019
___ Lane, lover of Superman New York Times 04 Nov 2019
'Family Guy' mother USA Today 24 Oct 2019
'Family Guy' mom USA Today 24 Sep 2019
Lane of DC Comics Universal 13 Sep 2019
Clark's crush at the Daily Planet New York Times 10 Sep 2019
Lane in Metropolis Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
Children's author Lowry New York Times 01 Sep 2019
Ms. Lane of Superman stories Newsday 20 Aug 2019
Pioneering silent director Weber New York Times 04 Aug 2019
Superman story regular Newsday 01 Aug 2019
Trixie's mom, in the comics New York Times 26 Jul 2019
Superman partner Lane Universal 17 Jul 2019
Lane of the Daily Planet USA Today 10 Jun 2019
Lane at the Daily Planet The Washington Post 13 May 2019
Lane of "The Daily Planet" Universal 10 Apr 2019
Perry's ambitious reporter The Washington Post 06 Apr 2019
'Family Guy' character with red hair The Washington Post Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Lane in Superman stories Newsday 06 Feb 2019
"Family Guy" mother
"Family Guy" mom
Clark's colleague at The Daily Planet Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2018
Dedicated DC damsel The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
Hi's wife, in comics The Washington Post 10 Nov 2018
Half a Daily Planet byline The Washington Post 09 Nov 2018
Hi's spouse, in comics USA Today 18 Oct 2018
Hi's comics spouse USA Today 30 Jul 2018
With 52-Across, Daily Planet staffer USA Today 11 Jun 2018
Co-worker of Clark The Washington Post 03 Jan 2018
Writer Lowry with two Newbery Medals New York Times 26 Sep 2017
Fictional Lane The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
Woman shifting soil The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2017
Perry's top reporter Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2017
Co-worker of Clark and Jimmy Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Clark's love Eugene Sheffer 11 May 2017
Lane often in distress The Washington Post 23 Mar 2017
"The Giver" novelist Lowry LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2017
Amy Adams's 'Man of Steel' role New York Times 17 Jan 2017
Amy Adams's "Man of Steel" role
One of Perry's reporters Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2016
Lane with a nose for news LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2016
Peter's wife on 'Family Guy' The Washington Post 21 Nov 2016
Clark Kent's girlfriend's first name Family Time 14 Nov 2016
Wife on TV's 'Family Guy' New York Times 13 Nov 2016
Superman lover Lane LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2016
"Family Guy" wife USA Today 16 Sep 2016
Superman's Lane Universal 13 Aug 2016
Colleague of Jimmy and Clark The Washington Post 17 Jul 2016
Lane in a strip New York Times 01 Jul 2016
Clark's partner Universal 20 Jun 2016
__ Chiles, portrayer of Dr. Holly Goodhead in "Moonraker" LA Times Daily 14 May 2016
Often saved comics heroine LA Times Daily 08 May 2016
First name at the Daily Planet Universal 05 May 2016
Cohort of Clark and Jimmy USA Today 29 Apr 2016
Perry's star reporter Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2016
"The Giver" author Lowry LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2016
Daily Planet VIP LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2016
Lane of fiction The Washington Post 24 Jan 2016
Wife on TV's "Family Guy"
Lane in the heart of Kent The Telegraph Toughie 18 Nov 2015
Clark's co-worker at the Daily Planet Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2015
Family Guy mom Newsday 01 Nov 2015
Mom on 'Family Guy' New York Times 20 Sep 2015
Mom on "Family Guy"
"Man of Steel" character Lane
Worker with Jimmy and Kent
Superman-smitten Lane
Superman's love
Clark's gal
Mom on "Malcolm in the Middle"
"Superman" character
"Superman" woman
Clark and Jimmy's coworker
Peter's wife on "Family Guy"
One of the Flagstons, in comics
Dot and Ditto's mom
Amy's "Man of Steel" character
Daily Planet reporter Lane
Clark's Lane
Lane of "Superman"
One of Perry's reporters at the Daily Planet
Lane portrayed by Kate Bosworth in "Superman Returns"
Hi's wife, on the funnies page
Ditto's mother in the comics
Colleague of Clark
"Malcolm in the Middle" mom
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.