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Crossword Clues for LURID

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Clue Source Date
Explicit The Times Concise 01 Nov 2020
Like some tabloid headlines USA Today 24 Oct 2020
Sensational Rugby Union back in top The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2020
Glaringly vivid The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2020
Shockingly vivid LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2020
Garish The Telegraph Quick 28 Jun 2020
Like tabloid headlines New York Times 08 Jun 2020
Hard on the eyes, color-wise Universal 05 Jun 2020
Gruesomely shocking Universal 10 May 2020
Tabloid-worthy LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2020
Leaving nothing to the imagination New York Times 05 Dec 2019
Unpleasantly vivid in colour The Times Concise 21 Nov 2019
Shocking, in a graphic way USA Today 24 Oct 2019
Sensational The Sun Two Speed 05 Sep 2019
Rugby union back in top that’s garish The Sun Two Speed 05 Sep 2019
Like much tabloid fodder Universal 21 Apr 2019
Outrageous Canadiana 17 Dec 2018
Sensational piece of luck getting free The Sun Two Speed 28 Sep 2018
Over-bright, gaudy The Sun Two Speed 28 Sep 2018
Shocking, sensational The Times Concise 07 Aug 2018
According to text, you are in hat that's sensational The Telegraph Toughie 15 Mar 2018
Shocking, as tabloid headlines USA Today 01 Feb 2018
Unpleasantly vivid The Times Concise 01 Dec 2017
Gaudy old city in Cork Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2017
Juicy New York Times 20 Aug 2017
Like overly graphic tabloid stories The Washington Post 02 Aug 2017
Like Quentin Tarantino films New York Times 06 Apr 2017
Shocking The Washington Post 19 Mar 2017
Shocking cover: ancient city featured inside The Times Cryptic 27 Feb 2017
Sensational, tabloid-style USA Today 03 Feb 2017
Like appealingly shocking details Universal 02 Nov 2016
Glaringly vivid or sensational The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 Oct 2016
Gruesome LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2016
Like pulp fiction Jonesin 05 Jul 2016
Suitable for tabloid headlines Universal 03 Jul 2016
Ghastly robbers' leader, one imprisoned by Law Lord The Times Cryptic 26 May 2016
Sensational case lost by jury breaking cover The Times Cryptic 25 May 2016
Sensational top worn by posh Republican The Telegraph Toughie 19 Apr 2016
Glaringly vivid and graphic Irish Times Simplex 16 Feb 2016
Fit for tabloids Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2016
Like many tabloid stories USA Today 19 Dec 2015
Cover round ancient city is melodramatically sensational The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2015
Brightly coloured The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2015
Shocking line I had, ringing you at last, right? The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2015
Gruesomely sensational New York Times 14 Jul 2015
Word from the Latin for ''ghastly'' Newsday 25 Apr 2015
Half out of luck and free to be melodramatic The Telegraph Toughie 02 Apr 2015
Frightful Newsday 01 Apr 2015
Like the headline 'ELVIS FATHERED MY ALIEN BABY' New York Times 29 Mar 2015
Shocking -- very nearly draw one day The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Mar 2015
Word from the Latin for "ghastly"
Tabloid-worthy, say
Lake tabloid shockers
Perfect for the tabloid headlines
Marked by sensationalism
Overly vivid
Appealingly shocking
Designed to pique interest, say
Like pulp magazine details
Perfect for the tabloids
Gruesome, as some details
Shocking (5)
Like pulp magazines
Like some tabloid stories
Like some tales or details
Horribly shocking
Shockingly intense
Overly graphic
Like tabloid stories
Like some details
Glaringly sensational
Type of details that cause one to say, "ooh!"
Like tabloid writing
Type of details, oh my!
Wildly dramatic
Like much pulp fiction
Type of details, ooh...
Like supermarket tabloids
Tabloid-style, in a way
Glowing through a haze
Glaringly vivid.
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