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Crossword Clues for LUV

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Clue Source Date
Candy heart sentiment New York Times 27 Oct 2020
Word on a candy heart USA Today 14 Sep 2020
Candy-heart word Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2020
Casual affection? Family Time 02 Aug 2020
Adore, on a candy heart Premier Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Valentine candy word New York Times 14 Jun 2020
'P.S. I — U' (old TV show) Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Verb on a candy heart New York Times 01 Dec 2019
Affection, informally Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2019
Sentiment on a candy heart New York Times 15 Jul 2019
Word on Valentine's candy
Endearment at Oxford Newsday 30 Sep 2018
Sweetums Premier Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Candy heart verb The Washington Post 06 Aug 2018
Murray Schisgal play Thomas Joseph 29 Jun 2018
Adore, on candy hearts Premier Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Valentine's Day candy word Jonesin 17 Oct 2017
Adore, cutesily New York Times 21 Aug 2017
Letters on a candy heart Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Candy heart word The Washington Post 04 May 2017
Sweetie, in dialect LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2016
Stock symbol for Southwest Airlines (based on their logo) Jonesin 23 Aug 2016
Valentine misspelling Newsday 29 Jan 2016
Term of endearment The Times Concise 12 Jan 2016
Hon, to Andy Capp Eugene Sheffer 28 Dec 2015
Broadway play Canadiana 15 Jun 2015
Adore, informally Premier Sunday 15 Mar 2015
Pet name in Britain New York Times 11 Feb 2015
Cutesy-wutesy affection
Word interchangeable with a heart on a license plate
Cute spelling of a Valentine's Day word
Chat room endearment
Hon, in dialect
Verb on valentine candy
2008 Janet Jackson hit
Cutesy closing
Text-message word of affection
Cutesy letter closer
Guv'nor's lady?
Valentine shorthand
Hon, in Hampshire
Brief endearment
1967 Lemmon/Falk comedy
1967 Jack Lemmon comedy
Word on a Valentine candy heart
Casual sign-off
Sweetie, across the pond
'P.S. I -- U' (detective series)
Informal Valentine word
Comedy nominated for a 1965 Tony
Broadway comedy of 1964
Play by Murray Schisgal
Feeling of affection, with a cutesy spelling
Informal sign-off
Brief closing
Schisgal play
Adore, nonstandarly
Murray Schisgal play of '64
1964 Murray Schisgal play
Sweetie, to Brits
Hit 1964 Murray Schisgal play
"P.S. I ___ U" (1991-92 detective drama)
Informal affection
Broadway hit of 1964-65
Lemmon film: 1967
Broadway hit: 1964–65
Anne Jackson stage vehicle: 1964
Former stage hit
Schisgal comedy: 1964
Schisgal hit play: 1964
Film of 1967
B'way hit by Schisgal: 1964
Schisgal drama: 1964
Schisgal play: 1964
Play of 1964
Play starring the Wallachs
B'way hit
Long-run comedy
Recent Broadway hit
Broadway show.
Broadway comedy.
Recent Broadway hit.
Schisgal comedy.
Current play.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.