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Crossword Clues for MAI

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Clue Source Date
— tai Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2020
Spring month, in Montreal Canadiana 09 Nov 2020
Month after avril New York Times 06 Nov 2020
— tai (cocktail) Eugene Sheffer 31 Oct 2020
Avril follower Eugene Sheffer 20 Oct 2020
Cinquième mois de l’année Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
Singer Ella USA Today 17 Jul 2020
With 35-Across, tropical rum cocktail Universal 15 Jul 2020
“Boo’d Up” singer Ella ___ Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2020
___ tai Universal 22 Apr 2020
Singer Ella with the 2018 Grammy-winning R&B hit 'Boo'd Up' New York Times 11 Mar 2020
''Avril'' follower Newsday 27 Dec 2019
— tai (drink) Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
"Boo'd Up" singer Ella Universal 16 Aug 2019
"Trip" singer Ella Universal 07 Aug 2019
With 60-Down, a rum drink Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2019
__ tai The Washington Post 12 Jun 2019
Month of printemps Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2019
Shortest month in Paris? The Washington Post Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Juin preceder The Washington Post 03 Feb 2019
__ tai cocktail Newsday 20 Jan 2019
___ tai (cocktail) New York Times 07 Jan 2019
English R&B singer Ella __ The Washington Post 14 Dec 2018
-- tai Premier Sunday 07 Oct 2018
tai (cocktail) Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2018
tai Eugene Sheffer 13 Jul 2018
Spring time in Paris The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Apr 2018
Final full month before été begins New York Times 22 Mar 2018
___ tai (rum cocktail) Jonesin 06 Mar 2018
Printemps month Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2017
Month of l'année New York Times 03 Dec 2017
Month in Marseilles Thomas Joseph 13 Oct 2017
Prelude to juin Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2017
May, to Maurice Canadiana 02 Oct 2017
___ Tai cocktail USA Today 25 Sep 2017
___ tai cocktail USA Today 15 Sep 2017
French month New York Times 10 Sep 2017
__ tai (cocktail) Newsday 03 Jul 2017
May, in Mont Joli Canadiana 13 Feb 2017
-- tai (mixed drink) Premier Sunday 12 Feb 2017
Printemps period LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2016
Month before juin New York Times 11 Sep 2016
___ tai (drink) New York Times 07 Jun 2016
Le cinquième mois LA Times Daily 21 Apr 2016
tai cocktail Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2015
-- tai (cocktail) Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2015
Printemps time New York Times 05 Jun 2015
__ tai: cocktail
With 43-Across, umbrella drink
TV fashionista Jeannie
Springtime in Paris
When the French celebrate la Fete des Meres
Month in Munich or Marseilles
Avril-juin go-between
Fête du Travail is celebrated on its first day
With 50-Down, rum cocktail
-- tai (drink)
When the French celebrate Labor Day
When the Festival de Cannes opens
When many fleurs bloom
Month between avril and juin
Time between avril and juin
It follows April in Paris
Half a rum cocktail?
With "tai," a rum drink
__ tai: rum drink
With 43-Across, cocktail made with Curaçao
Half a cocktail
It precedes "juin"
Follower of "Avril"
"Avril" follower
When Canada celebrates la Fete de la Reine
With 96-Across, fruity rum cocktail
Spring month in Montreal
Month after "avril"
Spring month in Paris
Fete des Meres month
Spring month, on the Marne
___ tai (rum drink)
It precedes juin
Thai city Chiang ___
Chiang ___ (Thai city)
Month after "Avril"
"Printemps" month
Fête de la Victoire month
Half a drink?
Chiang ___, Thailand
___ Tai
With 22-Across, order at a tiki bar
With 6-Down, rum cocktail
Half a drink
Half a cocktail?
Zetterling of "The Witches"
Star followers
___ tai, rum drink
When Quebecers celebrate Journée Nationale des Patriotes
Part of l'année
Half a rum cocktail
-- tai cocktail
Part of le printemps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.