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Crossword Clues for MAIDS

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Clue Source Date
Hotel workers Eugene Sheffer 28 Feb 2020
''12 Days of Christmas'' milkers Newsday 10 Nov 2019
Hotel staffers Newsday 05 May 2019
Some hotel staff Newsday 18 Jan 2019
Octet in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' New York Times 16 Nov 2018
Carol octet Newsday 08 Jun 2018
Cleaning staff members The Washington Post 31 Mar 2018
Some domestics Universal 11 Feb 2018
'Downton Abbey' figures The Washington Post 01 Feb 2018
"Downton Abbey" figures LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2018
Octet in "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
Octet in 'The 12 Days of Christmas' New York Times 07 Dec 2017
Hotel hirees USA Today 06 Oct 2017
''12 Days of Christmas'' octet Newsday 11 Jun 2017
Hotel employees Universal 25 May 2017
Hotel room cleaners Newsday 08 May 2017
Octet in "The 12 Days of Christmas"
Motel staffers Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2016
Help at the Hyatt The Washington Post 14 Apr 2016
Downton Abbey employees The Washington Post 21 Mar 2016
Some cleaners New York Times 06 Mar 2016
Some 7-Down employees USA Today 14 Dec 2015
Renaissance workers Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2015
Downton Abbey workers Newsday 25 Oct 2015
Their business is picking up Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2015
''Downton Abbey'' staffers Newsday 11 Mar 2015
Hotel-room cleaners Newsday 09 Mar 2015
"Downton Abbey" staffers
Cleanup positions
Some help they are!
Hotel cleaning crew
Passkey users
Hilton hires
Some motel employees
Hotel team
Dusters, perhaps
Some domestic staffers
Female domestics
Men need them, according to Neil Young
Broom wielders
Eight milkers in "The 12 Days of Christmas"
They have cleanup positions
Octet "a-milking" in a Christmas song
They're living and loving, to Zeppelin
They "live and love," according to Zep
Hotel staff
Cleaning crew
"The Mikado" trio
Brides' attendants
Dust busters
They clean house
Some hotel cleaners
Some Hyatt employees
Hotel force
Domestic staffers
Ones who'll straighten you up?
Inn group
Marian, et al.
Some live-ins
Gift on the eighth day
Passkey carriers
Milkers in a Christmas song
Household help
Domestic help
Changers of 34-Across
Milkers of song
Cleaning force
Dust busters?
Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo and Pitti-Sing in "The Mikado"
Some housekeepers
They have clean-up positions
Hotel crew
Ones involved in dust-ups?
Upstairs staff
Household workers
Hyatt employees
Hotel cleaners
Westin workers
Hand and milk
Young ladies
Cleanup crew
Hotel help
Women servants
Genet play, with "The"
House help
Contrary Mary's lasses
Upstairs, Downstairs characters
"The ___," Genet play
Upstairs and downstairs people
"If seven ___ . . . "
"Mikado" trio
"Eight ___ a-milking"
Milk and bar
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.