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Crossword Clues for MAITAI

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Clue Source Date
Cocktail with a rhyming name New York Times 01 Sep 2020
Rum cocktail Eugene Sheffer 13 Jun 2020
Tiki bar drink Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2020
Tropical drink Universal 04 May 2020
Rummy cocktail Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2020
Drink -- the compiler's fix, we hear The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2019
Drink at a luau The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Cocktail often served with an orchid Universal 16 May 2019
Cocktail with rum and lime Universal 16 Apr 2019
Tiki bar cocktail The Washington Post 14 Feb 2019
Tiki bar order
It's served in Elvis' ''Blue Hawaii'' Newsday 27 Oct 2018
Daiquiri kin Universal 20 Mar 2018
Drink with an umbrella The Washington Post 31 Dec 2017
Tiki-bar rum cocktail Newsday 12 Sep 2017
Luau cocktail Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2017
Cocktail from small island in the endless sea? The Times Cryptic 03 Feb 2017
Mainstay of Tiki culture Newsday 28 Jan 2017
Cocktail 3 down — forgetting name twice The Times Cryptic 17 Jan 2017
Fruity cocktail Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2016
In Tahitian it means 'good' New York Times 27 Nov 2016
Rum concoction Newsday 18 Nov 2016
Curaçao cocktail LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2016
Trader Vic's drink Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2016
Umbrella holder, maybe New York Times 24 Jul 2016
Cocktail with an umbrella LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2016
Rum drink Newsday 03 Jul 2016
It may come with a slice of pineapple Wall Street Journal 13 May 2016
Luau libation Premier Sunday 03 Jan 2016
In Tahitian it means "good"
Cocktail choice USA Today 30 Dec 2015
Cocktail often served with a pineapple garnish New York Times 01 Sep 2015
Cocktail with curaçao
Tropical drink originally made with 17-year-old J. Wray & Nephew Rum
Parasol setting?
Drink that gets its name from the Tahitian word for "good"
Drink sometimes served in a hollowed-out pineapple
Cousin of a zombie
Drink whose name is Tahitian for "good"
Rum and curaçao cocktail
Drink whose name means "good" in Tahitian
Drink made with rum
Umbrella-garnished drink
Rum, Curaçao, and lime juice
Drink that might be served with an umbrella
Umbrella holder, perhaps
Tiki bar staple
Cocktail often made with pineapple juice
Cocktail flavored with orgeat syrup
Tiki cocktail
Drink with rum and lime
Daiquiri alternative
Drink at Trader Vic's
*Drink that often comes with an umbrella
Fruity drink
Cocktail with a Tahitian name
Tiki bar libation
Tropical drink in a highball glass
Drink that often comes with an umbrella
Margarita alternative
Drink sometimes garnished with an orchid
It may be found under an umbrella
Cocktail with 108-Down
Tropical cocktail
Drink with many recipes
Cocktail created at Trader Vic's
Vacation cooler
Festooned cocktail
Trader Vic invention
Drink made with curaçao
Drink with an umbrella, maybe
Drink sometimes served in a pineapple
It may sport an umbrella
Swim-up bar drink
Good, in Tahitian
Cocktail with curacao
Happy hour order
It may be under an umbrella
Cocktail made with curaçao
Fruity rum drink
Cocktail made with curacao
Rum drink with curaçao
Exotic rum cocktail
It may come with a small umbrella
Seaside sipper
Drink with 87-Across
Tropical rum cocktail
Curacao quaff
Bar order
Fruity libation
It might be found under an umbrella
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