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Crossword Clues for MANTIS

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Clue Source Date
Predatory insect The Sun Two Speed 06 Sep 2020
After mass saint squished insect The Sun Two Speed 06 Sep 2020
Predatory insect which awaits prey in a prayer-like pose The Guardian Speedy 05 Jul 2020
Insect of the cockroach family The Guardian Speedy 21 Jun 2020
Insect that can turn its head USA Today 14 Sep 2019
Praying ..., long-bodied, large-eyed insect Irish Times Simplex 28 Aug 2019
'Praying' insect Eugene Sheffer 03 Aug 2019
Insect, male with reclining pose The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2019
Six-legged prayer? The Washington Post 28 Oct 2018
"Praying" insect Family Time 11 Jun 2018
It flies on wing — and prayer? The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2018
''Praying'' insect Newsday 03 Jan 2018
Maiden is trapping one insect or another The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Jul 2017
Praying insect Universal 08 Jul 2017
Insect against being consumed by completely heartless missus? The Telegraph Toughie 11 May 2017
One insect or another is sat upon by maiden The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2015
Looking back, Samuel rings foreign station for one of those praying types Irish Times Crosaire 24 Aug 2015
Short prayer? LA Times Daily 23 May 2015
'Praying' bug Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2015
Winged prayer
Close cousin of the cockroach
Prayer in the garden
Insect with grasping forelegs
Small prayer?
Praying insect?
Bug with prominent forelegs
Praying figure
Praying preyer?
Devout insect?
Insect that's 'praying'
Cousin of a cockroach
Termite cousin
Roach's cousin
Insect with a name from the Greek word for "prophet"
Long-legged insect
Insect eater
Praying ___
Insect that eats its mate
Preyer seemingly at prayer
Cannibalistic insect
Seemingly pious bug
Small prayer
Insectivore that seems to be saying grace
Insect that appears to be in prayer
Raised-forelegs creature
Praying ____
Insectivorous insect
Praying __
Praying one
Winged supplicant
Beneficial insect
Kind of shrimp
Religious insect?
It seems to pray over its prey
Helpful insect
Six-legged prayer
Praying preyer
Praying ___.
Large insect.
Praying insect.
Useful insect.
Large insect with "praying" aspect.
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