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Crossword Clues for MERCY

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Clue Source Date
It's often prayed for The New Yorker 25 May 2020
Something God grants Family Time 17 Feb 2020
Compassion Thomas Joseph 04 Feb 2020
Pity The Telegraph Quick 18 Oct 2019
Compassion, forgiveness The Times Concise 21 Jan 2019
Forbearance from the judge Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2018
Lenient treatment Eugene Sheffer 10 Feb 2018
Clemency Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2018
Something God provides Universal 03 Jan 2018
Sweet compassion Universal 27 Nov 2017
Old-style oath Newsday 01 Apr 2017
Plea before sentencing Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2017
Grace doesn't show any ruthlessness Irish Times Crosaire 30 Dec 2016
Compassionate treatment Newsday 11 Jan 2016
''Heavens to Betsy!'' Newsday 30 Nov 2015
English church in the writer's quarter The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jul 2015
''Oh Pretty Woman'' exclamation Newsday 28 Mar 2015
"Oh Pretty Woman" exclamation
"Heavens to Betsy!"
"Goodness gracious!"
Duffy hit
"Have __!"
Word tossed out in Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman"
It's sometimes given to prisoners
Compassionate quality
What a lenient judge may show
Exclamation similar to "Whew!"
Condemned man's request
"Enough already!"
Something asked of the 33-Across
Sentencing request
Topic for Portia
Feeling of compassion
Compassionate NY college?
Exclamation akin to "Whew!"
"My heavens!"
Compassionate forbearance
"_____ me!"
It seasons justice
Old-fashioned exclamation
Dobbs Ferry college
"The quality of ___ . . . ": Shak.
Name of many a hospital
"The quality of ___ . . . "
Unstrained quality, to Portia
" . . . ___ on such as we"
Relative of land sakes
Mild exclamation.
Dear me!
Land sakes!
Disposition to forgive.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.