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Crossword Clues for METEOR

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Clue Source Date
It may have a big impact Jonesin 17 Nov 2020
It causes a streak of light in the night sky Irish Times Simplex 13 Nov 2020
Falling star made the other all gutted The Telegraph Toughie 22 Oct 2020
Shooting star The Sun Two Speed 10 Aug 2020
Falling star, remote, exploded The Sun Two Speed 10 Aug 2020
Streaker New York Times 01 Aug 2020
Astronomical streaker New York Times 23 Jun 2020
Thing in a shower Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2020
Celestial body The Washington Post 06 May 2020
Part of a celestial shower USA Today 09 Apr 2020
Symbol of sudden, brilliant success New York Times 07 Apr 2020
Sky streaker Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2020
Night streaker The Washington Post 19 Mar 2020
Crater creator Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Celestial shower component The Washington Post 21 Oct 2019
Celestial shower unit USA Today 08 Oct 2019
Falling star Irish Times Simplex 05 Oct 2019
Shooting star acting remote Irish Times Crosaire 02 Oct 2019
Item in a shower Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Crater maker Universal 21 Mar 2019
Metaphor for overnight success New York Times 16 Mar 2019
Shower item
Crash lander on Earth Universal 08 Dec 2018
Shooting star in remote adaptation Irish Times Crosaire 04 Dec 2018
Hunk in a shower? The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Nov 2018
Rock from space Universal 14 Aug 2018
Streak in the night sky Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2018
Flash in a shower Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2018
Comet fragment, perhaps The Washington Post 05 Apr 2018
Shower component Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2018
What measures oxygen in rapid star The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2018
Incredibly remote object seen in space The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2017
Rock in space Universal 10 Aug 2017
Shower participant Universal 30 Jul 2017
Streaking space object Universal 25 Jul 2017
Atmospheric streaker Family Time 14 May 2017
Streak in the night The Washington Post 23 Feb 2017
Extraordinarily remote heavenly body The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2017
Remote production for falling star Irish Times Crosaire 08 Apr 2016
Streak of light in the night sky Irish Times Simplex 09 Feb 2016
Remote (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2016
Heavenly body The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2016
Alien inside more unusual body from space The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2016
Crater causer Universal 04 Jan 2016
Remote sort of rock from outer space The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2015
Metaphor for a blazing success New York Times 22 Oct 2015
Part of some showers Newsday 16 Oct 2015
Piece of matter in the solar system Irish Times Simplex 19 Sep 2015
Streaker at night New York Times 19 Aug 2015
Metaphor for a sudden success New York Times 28 Jun 2015
Celestial streaker The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Mar 2015
Luminary in a late-night show?
Astronomical sighting
One in a shower
Astronomer's sighting
Streaker during a shower
Streaker in the sky
Planetary threat in some sci-fi films
One seen in a shower
Hunk noted for streaking
Streaker in a shower
High streaker
Shower head, maybe
One of a group of streakers
Component of some showers
Luminous trail in the sky
Streaker in space
One seen streaking
Sort of shower
Space streaker
Earth threat in some sci-fi films
Cause of a crater, perhaps
Falling rock, of sorts
Streaker with a tail
Overnight success
Body in a shower?
Shower participant?
Space rock
Heavenly streaker
Part of a shower scene
Heavenly sight
Fast-moving body
Streak in the sky
One in a shower?
Space traveler
Outer-space traveler
Part of a shower, maybe
Kind of shower
Shower part
Type of shower
6/30/08 Siberia lander
Part of a shower scene?
Space shower component
Shower item?
'79 disaster flick
Earth threatener
Temporary skylight?
Fiery streak in the sky
Telescopist's sighting
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