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Crossword Clues for MGM

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Clue Source Date
Last silent-era holdout Newsday 09 Oct 2020
"Ben-Hur" studio Eugene Sheffer 31 Aug 2020
''Singin' in the Rain'' studio Newsday 30 Aug 2020
Goldwyn never had a 24 Down of it Newsday 22 Aug 2020
Studio with a lion mascot USA Today 18 Aug 2020
Film studio with a lion mascot Newsday 21 Jul 2020
Big name in casinos New York Times 18 Jul 2020
'2001' studio Jonesin 14 Jul 2020
Palindromic film studio The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Letters in film and the hotel business
'Ben-Hur' studio Eugene Sheffer 25 Dec 2019
"Ars gratia artis" studio Universal 08 Dec 2019
Film studio with a roaring lion New York Times 02 Dec 2019
United Artists' parent co Newsday 07 Nov 2019
Las Vegas' ___ Grand Universal 20 Sep 2019
Big inits. in casinos New York Times 05 Sep 2019
Studio with a roaring mascot USA Today 02 Sep 2019
'Lili' studio Premier Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Letters associated with a lion The Washington Post 20 Jul 2019
___ Resorts International New York Times 06 Jul 2019
'Thelma & Louise' studio New York Times 17 Jan 2019
"Thelma & Louise" studio
Company that released '2001: A Space Odyssey' New York Times 27 Dec 2018
Company with a mascot named Leo New York Times 13 Nov 2018
Vegas inits New York Times 23 Sep 2018
''Skyfall'' studio Newsday 09 Aug 2018
One-time Marx Brothers employer Newsday 21 Jul 2018
Roaring-lion studio The Washington Post 05 Feb 2018
Vegas inits.
Company that released "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Early Technicolor experimenter Newsday 11 Nov 2017
Studio distributing many Bond films The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
'Gone With the Wind' studio New York Times 16 Aug 2017
'Get Shorty' studio Premier Sunday 16 Jul 2017
Letters on ''Skyfall'' posters Newsday 02 Jun 2017
Last holdout of the silent era Newsday 27 May 2017
'Grand Hotel' studio Premier Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Film studio with a lion symbol USA Today 16 Apr 2017
'Mrs. Miniver' studio The Washington Post 13 Apr 2017
"Mrs. Miniver" studio LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2017
"Gone With the Wind" studio USA Today 04 Feb 2017
'Citizen Kane' studio Jonesin 29 Nov 2016
___ lion New York Times 12 Nov 2016
'The Wizard of Oz' studio New York Times 05 Sep 2016
Leo is its logo LA Times Daily 29 Aug 2016
Leo's studio Wall Street Journal 23 Aug 2016
'Summer Stock' studio Wall Street Journal 26 May 2016
'Singin' in the Rain' studio Wall Street Journal 21 May 2016
"Gigi" studio USA Today 30 Apr 2016
'More stars than there are in heaven' company Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2016
''Spectre'' studio Newsday 08 Apr 2016
"The Wizard of Oz" studio
'Ben-Hur' studio of 1925 and 1959 New York Times 02 Aug 2015
'Grand' letters New York Times 23 Jul 2015
Studio with a roaring lion New York Times 20 Jul 2015
''When the Lion Roars'' subject Newsday 24 Apr 2015
Big inits. in Las Vegas New York Times 12 Mar 2015
Las Vegas's ___ Grand New York Times 10 Mar 2015
"Grand" letters
"Ben-Hur" studio of 1925 and 1959
"When the Lion Roars" subject
Studio known for Leo the Lion
Leo's co.
'Gigi' studio
"2001 . . ." distributor
45-Across rival
"Doctor Zhivago" studio
"GWTW" studio
___ Grand
Studio behind "Gone with the Wind" and "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London"
Company whose products get off to a roaring start
Co. whose logo includes Leo the Lion
"High Society" studio
"Skyfall" studio
"A Night at the Opera" studio
Movie studio whose motto is "Ars gratia artis"
Garbo's studio
Studio represented by a lion
1991 book subtitled "When the Lion Roars"
Studio subject of the miniseries "When the Lion Roars"
Studio producing "Gone With the Wind"
Studio whose films get off to a roaring start
Film studio whose logo roars
Movie studio letters
"An American in Paris" studio
RKO competitor
"The Magnificent Seven" TV studio
Vegas' ___ Grand
"The Mod Squad" studio
"2001: A Space Odyssey" studio
"Wizard of Oz" studio
"Singin' in the Rain studio"
Vegas's __ Grand
"The Man From U.N.C.L.E." producer
Studio whose symbol is a lion
"2001" and "2010" studio
Lion logo studio
'Singin' in the Rain' film studio
Movie studio with a lion logo
Paramount rival
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.