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Crossword Clues for MIRA

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Clue Source Date
Actress Sorvino Universal 10 Oct 2020
Juan's "Look!" LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2020
Juan's 'Look!' The Washington Post 06 Sep 2020
'Look, amigo!' The Washington Post 09 Jun 2020
"Look, amigo!" LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2020
Sorvino of the screen Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Sorvino of 'Mimic' The Washington Post Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Oscar winner Sorvino New York Times 16 Sep 2019
Sorvino of "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" The New Yorker 24 Jun 2019
She played Romy Jonesin 11 Jun 2019
Sorvino of 'Mighty Aphrodite' USA Today 07 Apr 2019
Binary star in Cetus
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite"
Star in Cetus Wall Street Journal 08 Nov 2018
Sorvino of "Mimic" LA Times Daily 10 Oct 2018
Third Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner directed by Woody Newsday 25 Aug 2018
___ Nair, 'Mississippi Masala' director New York Times 22 Mar 2018
Actress Sorvino in 2016's 'Exposed' Jonesin 20 Feb 2018
___ Nair, "Mississippi Masala" director
Red giant in the constellation Cetus New York Times 30 Nov 2017
Huge star in Cetus Family Time 19 Nov 2017
Oscar-winner Sorvino Universal 05 Oct 2017
Sorvino of "Human Trafficking" USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Sorvino the actress Universal 02 Jun 2017
Sorvino who won an Oscar Universal 01 May 2017
Sorvino with an Oscar USA Today 16 Apr 2017
'Look!' to Dora the Explorer Jonesin 21 Mar 2017
Sorvino of "Summer of Sam" USA Today 24 Feb 2017
Sorvino of movies Universal 24 Feb 2017
Oscar actress Sorvino Newsday 22 Feb 2017
Old space station approaching a celestial object The Times Cryptic 31 Jan 2017
Sorvino of films Universal 05 Dec 2016
Lisa's co-star in 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion' Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2016
'Look!' in Las Palmas Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2016
Star in the first half of amazing events The Telegraph Toughie 13 Sep 2016
Sorvino of "WiseGirls" USA Today 22 Jul 2016
Red giant in Cetus New York Times 05 Jun 2016
'Mighty Aphrodite' star Sorvino The Washington Post 18 May 2016
Actress / Sorvino Jonesin 26 Apr 2016
Sorvino of Hollywood Premier Sunday 13 Mar 2016
"Mighty Aphrodite" co-star Sorvino Universal 24 Sep 2015
Sorvino of 'WiseGirls' Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2015
Sorvino of "Barcelona" Universal 19 Mar 2015
Paul Sorvino's daughter Universal 13 Mar 2015
Sorvino with roles USA Today 08 Feb 2015
Actress Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite"
Sorvino who acts
Major star of 2-Down
"Check it out!," in Chihuahua
"See, señor!"
"Mimic" actress Sorvino
"Mighty Aphrodite" star Sorvino
First-known variable star
N.J.-born actress Sorvino
"Check it out, José"
She played Romy in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion"
Sorvino of "Quiz Show"
"Amelia" director Nair
"Look!", at the Prado
"Look!" in León
Latino "Look!"
Costar of Woody in "Mighty Aphrodite"
"Look!" to Luis
With 45 Down, Best Supporting Actress of 1995
Variable star in the constellation Cetus
"The Namesake" director Nair
"Look, Juan!"
Variable star in Cetus
"Look!," in Lima
"Monsoon Wedding" director Nair
A Sorvino
Film director Nair
Sorvino of "Famous"
Ms. Sorvino
Paul's acting daughter
Pulsar in Cetus
"Mighty Aphrodite" portrayer
Woody directed her to a 1995 Oscar
Sorvino of "At First Sight"
"Look!," to Luis
Sorvino, of <I>Mighty Aphrodite<I>
Sorvino, the actress
Sorvino or Nair
Sorvino of At First Sight
NJ-born actress Sorvino
"Mississippi Masala" director ___ Nair
Henry : Jane :: Paul : __
Look in Barcelona
"Look!" in Lima
"Look!" in La Mancha
"Sorvino of "At First Sight"
Red star
AA winner Sorvino
Earliest known pulsar
Red star in Cetus
"Wonderful" red star
Remarkable variable star
Variable star
First known variable star
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.