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Crossword Clues for MMI

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Clue Source Date
Millennium's beginning Newsday 09 Oct 2020
2001, to Cato Eugene Sheffer 26 Sep 2020
Start of this centvry Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2020
Start of this century Newsday 31 May 2020
Start of the XXIst century Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2019
2001, to Caesar Newsday 15 Jan 2019
Year the Office of Homeland Security was created New York Times 30 Dec 2018
Year after Y2K Newsday 20 Sep 2018
Kvbrick opvs? The Washington Post 13 Apr 2018
''. . . Space Odyssey'' setting Newsday 31 Mar 2017
Copyright year for 'Shrek' and 'Monsters, Inc.' New York Times 05 Jan 2017
Copyright year for "Shrek" and "Monsters, Inc."
The year 2001 New York Times 19 Dec 2016
2001, in film credits Newsday 19 Oct 2015
Year that "Shrek" and "Zoolander" came out
Letters after © at the end of "Shrek"
2001, in letters
XXIth century start
Cato's 2,001
Roman 2,001
Year the iPod came out
Year that "Shrek" and "A Beautiful Mind" came out
Year missing from the puzzle title and inserted into 17-, 30-, 47-, and 64-Across
Super Bowl XXXV year
Start of the XXI century
Year Bush Jr. took office
21st-century starter
Kubrick film, in old Rome?
Start of the 21st century
2,001, to Ovid
2K1, more classically
Year "Monsters, Inc." premiered
Y2K follower
When Super Bowl XXXV was played
2001, to Nero
2001, as hidden in five puzzle answers
2001 in old Rome
Year George W. Bush became president
Year of the iPod's debut
Year President McKinley was assassinated
Millennium opener
2001 to Caesar
Roman "Space Odyssey" year
2001, to Tiberius
Year of Bush's swearing-in
When George W. Bush was sworn in
Millennium start
DCLXVII tripled
Year gone by
Classic sci-fi movie?
Year hidden herein
Noted film, as old Romans would have it
New millennium year, or a part of 20-, 37- and 49-Across
This year, in movie credits
This year, to Caesar
Not-too-distant year: L.
Famous movie year
"Space Odyssey" year
"A Space Odyssey" year, to Caesar
Kubrick movie, to Caesar
Future year, the Roman way
2001 to 62 Across
Start of the 21st century, debatably
2001 to Augustus
2001 in old Rome
Year in a Roman sci-fi film?
Early in the next century: Rom
Third-millennium year
Romanized Kubrick film
Kubrick film, to a Roman
Roman's 2001
Cato's 2001
Kubrick year
Space Odyssey year
A Space Odyssey, Roman Style
Date still to come
2001, in old Rome.
A year to come.
35 years hence.
Year for a weekend on the moon?
Year in the future.
Roman numeral.
Year that Wikipedia launched
Year Enron filed for bankruptcy
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.