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Crossword Clues for NACHO

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Clue Source Date
Chip with cheese Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2020
Tortilla chip Newsday 03 Nov 2020
Kind of snack chip New York Times 12 Oct 2020
A small tortilla, topped with melted cheese and spices The Times Specialist Sunday 20 Sep 2020
'What do you call cheese that isn't yours? ___ cheese!' (dad joke) New York Times 12 Aug 2020
Cheesy snack LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2020
Chip in a bowl LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2020
From kitchen, a choice snack The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Jun 2020
Snack within "spinach omelet" Universal 04 May 2020
Salsa holder The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Chip choice Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2020
Mexican snack chip Newsday 20 Apr 2020
Number gathered round American church for food The Sun Two Speed 04 Apr 2020
Kind of chip New York Times 01 Apr 2020
Chip often topped with cheese Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Cheese-topped chip Newsday 05 Jan 2020
Cheesy chip Universal 25 Dec 2019
Triangular Mexican chip Newsday 12 Nov 2019
___ Cheese (Doritos flavor) Universal 28 Oct 2019
Cheese-covered bite New York Times 22 Oct 2019
Topped tortilla chip The Sun Two Speed 16 Sep 2019
NCO in mess with a hot snack The Sun Two Speed 16 Sep 2019
Cheesy munchie USA Today 04 Aug 2019
Cantina chip Premier Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Some spinach on cheesy snack The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2019
Snack chip flavor Thomas Joseph 17 Jun 2019
Outside a corporal devours hot snack The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2019
Food in tin served up, spicy but lacking first hint of taste The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2019
Triangular snack Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2019
Chip in a Mexican dish named for its inventor Jonesin 01 Jan 2019
Chips or cheese descriptor
Chip china potty, swapping half of it for nothing The Telegraph Toughie 12 Dec 2018
It may be covered in melted cheese The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Mexican food The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2018
Something topped in bars Newsday 20 Oct 2018
Snack chip The Washington Post 05 Oct 2018
Cheese type Universal 09 Sep 2018
Kind of cheese Universal 07 Jul 2018
Mexican snack The Telegraph Quick 07 May 2018
Spinach ordinarily covers Mexican snack The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2018
Cheese-covered chip Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2018
"___ Libre" (Jack Black movie) Universal 28 Dec 2017
Partly burn a chocolate chip The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2017
Mexican chip The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2017
Dipping chip The Washington Post 09 Nov 2017
Tortilla chip flavor USA Today 23 Jun 2017
Bit of a tortilla treat Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Cheesy chip flavor Jonesin 14 Feb 2017
Carried by man, a choice bit of Mexican food The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2017
Tex-Mex morsel USA Today 21 Dec 2016
Chip with salsa Newsday 23 Nov 2016
Turning tin opener to hand round a snack The Times Cryptic 09 Nov 2016
Sports bar bite New York Times 04 Nov 2016
Given a choice, some would go for hot snack The Times Cryptic 28 Oct 2016
Contributor to luncheon -- a chop or a chip The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2016
___ cheese Jonesin 26 Jul 2016
One in a concessionaire's ''boat'' Newsday 04 Jun 2016
Tortilla crisp The Times Concise 23 May 2016
Chip in every last piece of Dresden china tragic? Oh no! The Times Cryptic 19 May 2016
Mexican munchie The Washington Post 16 Feb 2016
Salsa scooper The Washington Post 22 Dec 2015
Cheesy pub snack Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2015
Small piece of tortilla Irish Times Simplex 25 Aug 2015
Putting tin back, call for hot snack The Times Cryptic 14 Jul 2015
Salsa-topped chip Newsday 31 May 2015
Cheese-topped snack Universal 25 Apr 2015
Tex-Mex chip Newsday 15 Apr 2015
Kind of cheese or chip USA Today 13 Apr 2015
Tortilla chip flavoured with chilli The Telegraph General Knowledge 05 Apr 2015
North American preference -- not frozen kind of chip The Telegraph Toughie 18 Feb 2015
Something consumed in Tijuana chow? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2015
Chip with a topping
Chip variety
Triangular chip
___ chips
Chip served with salsa
Chip topped with salsa
Chip for dip
Chip flavor
Taquería tidbit
Mazatlán munchie
Mexican appetizer
Cheese-covered snack
Chip to dip
Tortilla treat
What might go for a dip?
Crunchy dipper
Tortilla chip topped with cheese
Cheesy munchy
___ chip, which might be topped with 19-Across 27-Down dip
Bite at a football game, maybe
Acapulco appetizer
"___ Libre"
Cheesy Chihuahua chip
"___ Libre" (2006 Jack Black film)
Tex-Mex munchy
Chip topped with cheese and salsa
Tortilla snack
Dip dipper
It's covered at fiestas
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.